Older people are more vulnerable when it comes to contracting coronavirus, which is why it is essential they adhere to the lockdown rules and stay at home unless absolutely necessary. However, it is not their house they want to spend their time in, but their gardens, as more than half over 60's to spend isolation gardening, according to recent findings from SunLife.

Indeed, many might be looking at their paving and dreaming about getting garden flagstones in their backyard once the crisis is over, as they will be spending a considerable amount of time in their outdoor area over the next few months. It certainly seems well worth getting good-quality garden patio laid down, as more than half (57 per cent) of the over-60s intend to spend their isolation doing up their yards.

New Ways Of Living

This is more than those who want to spend it cooking nice food (48 per cent) or even enjoying special time with their other half (44 per cent), doing DIY (36 per cent), drinking wine and relaxing (28 per cent), knitting or sewing (16 per cent), or doing yoga and meditation (seven per cent).

Marketing director for SunLife said: “While we’re all adapting to new ways of living, the approach many older people are taking – to keep calm support each other and try not to worry about things we can’t control – is really valuable.”

He went on to say: “Their advice to try and find the positives in any situation – such as the potential revival of traditional home-based activities like baking, knitting, gardening and growing your own fruit and veg - is something that could help us all.”

Indeed, many older people could be left with superior gardens than they had before the pandemic hit. To help those in their twilight years spruce up their outdoor space during lockdown, the insurance provider suggested a few things they could do to give their garden a new lease of life.

Gardening Ideas

This includes planting easy-to-maintain flowers or trees, which will add plenty of colour and texture to the area. Homeowners might also want to paint their fence, either a traditional wood colour or a bright, cheerful tone, which will “really set your garden apart from your neighbours”. Adding some fairy lights or solar powered bulbs could really be effective, enabling people to enjoy their backyard even after the sun has set.

Alternatively, those who want to be more self-sufficient and avoid going to the supermarkets could start growing their own vegetable patch or planter. Tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, and courgettes are some great choices for beginner’s and will be delicious once they begin to grow during the summer months.

SunLife also recommended redoing paths and patios, suggesting a Cotswolds style pale paving slab as this will “contrast nicely with your garden and make it look polished”. Until homeowners can get new paving fitted, they could clean their existing floor with a pressure washer and remove any weeds that are creeping in between the slabs.

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