Spring is well and truly here and at last the longer days of sunshine return. April usually comes with a few showers and the occasional cold snap. However, gardening in April is an exciting time, as new life begins to appear and we all focus on April Gardening Tips to prepare for the summer.

Gardening Basics in April

April is the time to begin weed control, clear away the last of the winter debris and look towards the lawn, it's the perfect time to patch in or lay a whole new green carpet. Be careful when mowing this month, it's important to use a high cut as the earth is often still moist from the spring showers and it allows the grass to grow stronger for a more consistent lawn throughout the year.

The easter period is also great for preparing and refreshing the beds, using good quality soils and composts to give herbs, flowers, fruit and vegetables a much needed boost.

April Vegetables

Sow direct vegetables in April - carrots, peas, winter cabbages, broccoli, lettuce and much more. Harden the seeds gently to acclimatise them in the early part of April and once the hard frost has finished sow them. A consistent water supply will ease the plants into the ground and any lagging plants will regain strength over the first few days.

Another top April Gardening Tip is to grow salad vegetables, simply sow the seeds in 4 to 6 inch rows, water and harvest as required. For smaller gardens, it's ideal to sow salad seeds in pots or boxes by the back door, ideal for grabbing fresh produce straight to the table. April is also the beginning of the asparagus season.

April Flowers

Ever popular rambling and climbing roses need tying in, and tree ties across all garden plants should be checked over to ensure there are no abrasions to the trunk, leaving room for growth in new ties - one of the most important April Gardening Tips to note down.

From the middle to the end of April is considered the best time to plant hardy annuals, while it's a good time to sow half hardy flowers in window boxes and greenhouses.

For gardeners with a love of hanging baskets, April is the time to plant up early and let rest in the greenhouse, ensuring an abundance of strong colour in the summer months.

It's important to deadhead tulips and beloved daffodils at the end of April, remembering to allow the foliage to die back naturally.

April Fruit

As with the rest of the beds April is time to boost the feed for your fruit, ideally with long prepared manure. Weed as normal and be vigilant of any pest issues such a mites, scabs or suckers.

Many of the most popular fruit trees in the UK begin flowering this month and it's thought that if ten per cent or more of the flowers set it's an indication for a good yield. This is applicable for apples, cherries, plums and pears amongst others.

Fruiting raspberries should be gently cut back and it's a good time to cover strawberries with a poly tunnel, inviting early flowering. It's a little late in the year to trees and bushes with bare roots but for those late to the party it is still possible to go for container based solutions.

April Herbs

As the sunshine continues to push out the winter cold, it's an ideal time to grow herbs in UK gardens. Whether indoors or out, it's a great month to start off the basil, chives, oregano, parsley, sage and coriander.

Westminster Stone 1

April Gardening Projects

ONE - Design a New Patio

What better way to enjoy the long hot summer nights than on a new patio?! Planning ahead in April can really pay off, with time to create a new design, remove the old flagstones and replace with the new patio of choice. Limestone Slabs, Indian Sandstone Slabs and Porcelain Tiles are both popular choices for garden paving in 2020.

Westminster Stone produce a best selling range of hand made traditional flagstones, perfect for period properties, listed buildings, barn conversion and kitchen gardens. Visit our Customer Gallery page to discover wonderful UK based Garden Designers and inspiration for your next project.

TWO - Clean the Greenhouse

Properly cleaning a greenhouse in April allows the maximum light to enter and improve the conditions for all seeds, bulbs and plants. After the last of winters remains are cleared from the greenhouse gutters (this is great for topping up the compost bin), an all over exterior wash with warm water and sponge is recommended, washed down with fresh water from a watering can or low pressure hose.

Pick a dry sunny day to clean the greenhouse interior, if possible removing all items, brushing down the shelves and window sills and depending on the flooring material either brushing, mopping or power washing. Take particular care to clean the windows and wipe down to remove any residue.

THREE - Get FREE Plants

One of the very best April Gardening Tips is to get plants for free by splitting and replanting perennials that have become woody or died back at the centre. It's wise to turn the earth over, fertilise and water well to give your free plants the best possible start.

Gardening in April Videos

We've collated a number of YouTube videos from reputable sources that all contain great April Gardening Tips. While every effort has been made to share high quality information, Westminster Stone are not responsible for any of the content within any of the following links.