Cotswold Landscape Construction have kindly shared one of their recent garden projects with us, using our Georgian Thatch Porcelain paving for a traditional cottage garden. We think the stone effect porcelain works beautifully against the traditional stone building.

The site was a listed Cotswold-style stone cottage set in Long Compton, a small village in Warwickshire, Cotswolds that is nestled at the bottom of a valley. Long Compton boasts a long history dating back to the Saxon times. The owners of this cottage chose Georgian Thatch Porcelain to revamp their garden. The limestone effect on the porcelain tiles has created a stunning contrast between the traditional yellow stone, the paving and the Limestone Cobble Setts.

Georgian Thatch Porcelain is part of The Florence Collection which suits traditional and more contemporary designs. It is an ideal solution for those in period properties who want the look of traditional natural stone but in an easier format. Porcelain is extremely low maintenance, durable and very consistent in colour, both within each tile and from tile to tile, so suits those looking for a more uniform design.

A very high end product, great customer service and we will be contiuning to use Westminster Stone as a supplier.

Rob @ Cotswold Landscape Construction
beige stone effect porcelain patio with timber pergola on top. yellow stone cottage to the left.
beige stone effect porcelain patio with timber pergola on top. yellow stone cottage to the left.

For homeowners seeking to enhance their traditional cottage garden, Cotswold Landscape Construction's project serves as a perfect inspiration. The use of Georgian Thatch Porcelain Paving exemplifies how modern materials can seamlessly complement classic settings. This porcelain paving offers the timeless look of natural limestone with the added benefits of low maintenance, durability, and consistent colour. Ready to breathe new life into your traditional cottage garden? Explore the elegant possibilities of Georgian Thatch Porcelain Paving and other beautiful stone design options...

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Georgian Thatch porcelain has a softly aged appearance with ’tumbled’ edgings based on traditional Limestone. Low maintenance it suits both traditional and contemporary designs and can be used for indoor flooring and outdoor paving.

Stone effect beige porcelain leading to white front door.

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Complementary Honey Cathedral Antique Cobbles the finishing touch to a landscape design. The Cobble Setts can be laid coursed or in a random fashion to create a distinctive and unique Block Paving design

Antique Honey Cathedral Limestone Cobbles

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