Beige doesn’t mean boring! We’ll show you exactly how to style neutral floor tiles for a modern and beautiful look. Over the years, beige has gained a slight reputation for being dull, boring and safe. Not on our watch! As society yearns for more natural interiors, calming spaces and sophisticated styles, beige tones are becoming more and more ubiquitous, and rightly so! We show you our favourite ways to style our neutral floor tiles for fresh and modern looks…

Texture, texture, texture 

Adding a variety of textures to your interior space will add visual interest and depth to your room. Ensure you choose neutral colours that complement the tone of your flooring for a chic and elegant look. 

Layering various surface textures is a great way to complement natural flooring as they provide a subtle contrast and balance to your room. 

The example below combines woven textures with foliage and soft embroidery for a natural feel whilst retaining depth. To achieve this look, avoid layering lots of the same textures as this will make your room feel flat. Instead, choose a wide variety for a successful look. 

Woven chair in neutral interior with plants
Image credit: Stephanie Harvey

Mindful moments

Complement your natural stone flooring by painting your walls in neutral colours such as ecru, jute or linen for a calming and relaxing feel. 

Neutral, unsaturated tones are brilliant choices for your walls as they aren’t dominant enough to compete with your flooring. Instead, they allow the subtle textures and tones in your natural tiles to shine and stand out. 

Subtle notes of brown, clay and white are perfect for creating calm spaces for relaxing and unwinding after a long day. Whilst these colours are welcoming and soothing, they are also impactful without overpowering your living space. 

Neutral paint colours in paint tins
Image credit: Mariah Krafft

Embrace Nature 

Beige, buff, cream and sand are neutral colours that beautifully complement natural textures and elements alike. A great way to create a relaxing and natural feel in your home is by pairing our authentic oak effect porcelain tiles with other natural materials such as wooden furniture, plants, foliage, natural stone and linen curtains for a fresh and modern aesthetic.  

Allowing lots of natural light to shine into your space by using transparent linen curtains and embracing large windows is a great way to enhance the look of your flooring. Subtle reflections create additional texture and bounce light around your room for a really airy and bright look. 

Neutral bathroom interior

Warm tones 

If you love a warm and cosy feel to your home, pair our antique desert sand sandstone flagstones or Shrewsbury gold interior porcelain tiles with vibrant yellow accents and metallic elements to bring out the subtle hues in these warm stones. 

We love the look of pairing brass and copper elements with mustards and terracottas to add a real warmth and depth to your space.

Neutral living room with mustard armchair and brass accents
Image credit: Ralph Ravi Kayden

White touches

Off-white is a notoriously elegant colour that oozes sophistication. Not only that, it creates an illusion of space and is great for making smaller rooms look bigger. 

Adding white touches to your interior will naturally reflect light around your room, enhancing the look of your flooring as light bounces between the rivens and ripples of the natural stone. There are many ways to introduce white accents to your space, from furniture and plant pots to soft furnishings such as rugs and cushions. 

White furniture and natural materials in neutral interior
Image credit: Minh Pham

Go dark & dramatic 

If you love a bold interior, try pairing your neutral flooring with dark and dramatic walls or kitchen cabinets for an exuberant and luxurious feel. 

Contrasting smooth dark surfaces with light, textured flagstones such as our leamington white porcelain tiles will create a stylish statement for modern homeowners. 

Dark blue black kitchen cabinets
Image credit: Sven Brandsma

Black accents 

Black accents have become an increasingly popular interior design trend in recent years. Matte black accents inject a modern elegance that can’t be ignored in a hurry! Create contrast against your natural stone flooring by incorporating black taps and handles in kitchens and bathrooms or black furnishings in living and dining rooms for a contemporary touch. 

The beauty of adding black accents is that they are easily updated and refreshed when the time comes to renew your look, without it being a huge undertaking. Whilst your natural stone floor tiles will easily lend themselves to new trends and are durable enough to last for years to come. 

Create a cottage feel 

Who doesn’t love the look of a traditional country cottage? We know we do! To achieve an authentic and rustic feel, pair textured natural flagstones with other natural and irregular materials. 

Below, our Hidcote flagstones are beautifully styled with a variety of natural materials from jute and oak accents to flowers and tons of natural light flooding in. Don’t you just want to pop in for a cup of tea? 

Layer, layer, layer

Layering is a brilliant way to embrace the beige by adding depth and sophistication to your space. Start by choosing your main colour and build your layers out from there. Layering multiple rugs in neutral tones and cushions of different textures and colours is a simple way to make a room feel comfortable and cosy whilst complementing your flooring.

Neutral living room with exposed brick chimney breast and lots of soft furnishings
Image credit: Francesca Tosolini

We hope we’ve given you some food for thought and can’t wait to see which ideas you decide to try out! You can explore our entire collection of buff, cream, sand and beige flooring here.