Paving Innovation

Always ahead of the game and constantly striving to perfect and improve our wet cast paving production offering, Westminster Stone have developed a unique spacer system which is used in every flagstone and cobble that we manufacture.

The design is simple, and whilst a small cost is added to each paving product manufactured, we are certain that the improvements to the quality and consistency of all Westminster Stone and National Trust flagstones & paving stones that are made in the UK is worthwhile.



Key Features

Improved Curing. The 10mm gap provided by use of the spacers ensures that air flows freely between the flags when they are curing.

This is particularly important during the first 72 hours after production, but that, coupled with the fact that Westminster Stone products remain unwrapped (indoors) and able to breathe naturally for at least 7 days after they are first hand made, ensures the very best performance.

Efflorescence is virtually eliminated, colours are cleaner, more consistent and richer, the paving’s surface is stain free, and the risk of shrinkage cracks is totally eliminated.

A further assurance that all Westminster Stone Paving Collection products arrive with our customers in the best condition possible.

Easier to count! – We pack and handle thousands of flagstones and paving slabs every week, so it’s very helpful to be able to count accurately, quickly and easily. The space between the flagstones will make it easier for our customers to count off too.

Pinching your fingers! – Having been manufactures of quality paving materials for over 30 years, we have pinched many fingers and thumbs between flags! The 10mm gap means that it doesn’t pinch when you’re moving product around!

Paving Anchor – When you’re bedding each flag down into wet or semi dry mortar, the mortar encases the projecting paving anchor spacer, and improves mechanical grip, and securing the paving more effectively to the floor.

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