Built in 1201 by a Welsh prince, Valle Crucis Abbey is a beautiful monastery near Llangollen in North Wales.

Although now a ruin, much of the Abbey's original stone work, traditional flagstones and arch features still remain, echoing a long gone status as the spiritual centre for the valley.

During the 13th century the Abbey was caught up in many battles between the English and Welsh, and the vast amount of damage is attributed to Owain Glyndwr and his followers.

In the care of Cadw, the Abbey provides modern day visitors with a deeply engaging and contemplative look back at an important time in the heritage of North Wales.

Valle Crucis Abbey | Westminster Stone
Valle Crucis Abbey | Westminster Stone
Valle Crucis Abbey | Westminster Stone


Despite missing much of the church section, the West End wall stands proud in the afternoon light with it's traditional rose window feature.

There are many full examples of corbelling and tracery throughout the buildings, the light and shadows dance across the stone textures as one wanders around.

The Eastern side church is near intact, with skilfully crafted stone columns rising from the foot worn flagstones to the intricate vaulting patterns above.

Outside, the simply designed formal courtyard gardens ease the eye, a wonderful balance to the detailed architecture of the Abbey itself.

Valle Crucis Abbey | Westminster Stone
Valle Crucis Abbey | Westminster Stone
Valle Crucis Abbey | Westminster Stone


Make a mug of tea or coffee, grab the biscuits and enjoy some peace and quiet in this relaxing 3 minute video tour of Valle Crucis Abbey on a beautiful spring day.


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The Abbey is located just a few minutes drive from the popular tourist town of Llangollen in North Wales. Use LL20 8DD to find with Sat Nav, the Abbey is unmistakeable from the road.


The Llangollen area has a great choice of pubs, hotels and restaurants. The town centre also features lots of independent retail shops and Castle Dinas Bran awaits those in need of a good leg stretch.

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