Westminster Stone were very proud to sponsor the International Celebration Concert and National Peace Prize at the 72nd Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, last week.

Westminster Stone hosted a fun-filled evening at the Llangollen Eisteddfod with a drinks reception and VIP tickets to see some of the amazing international performances taking part in this year's 'International Celebration'.

President of the organisation, Terry Waite CBE was in attendance and gave Managing Director John Clifford a special 'Sponsors' certificate as well as a heartfelt insight into his time in captivity and how much music and the arts meant to him during his time in insolation and helped to save his sanity.

The evening was a spectacle of traditional dance and music from around the world including a 'circle' dance from Greece, the fantastic Stellenbosch University Choir from South Africa and traditional folk music and dance from Ireland, Wales and Germany.

To end the evening, there was a special performance from award-winning Welsh band Calan, introducing bagpipes, an accordion, fiddles and a harp to their high energy routines.  They finished their set with a display of traditional 'clog' dancing.

This year Westminster Stone also presented Rotary International's "National Peace Award" to Dr Waheed Arian, an inspirational individual who arrived in the UK at 15 from war-torn Afganistan, having suffered from TB and Malaria and went on to study medicine at Cambridge University and Harvard.  Dr Arian went on to set up a scheme via social media, enabling doctors to advise medics in places of conflict such as Syria, Afganistan, and Uganda.  Fulfilling a lifelong dream to help the victims of war across the globe.  Find out more at Teleheal.

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