Whatever the size of your patio, decking or backyard area, by getting a little creative, you can really maximise your outside living space. While a total garden remodel might not be a feasible option right now. Working with what you already have and our small backyard garden ideas. You can create your own, unique outdoor oasis, regardless of size.

With vertical planters, multifunctional areas, bar carts & more. Your small-but-mighty outdoor space will be sure to pack a big punch all summer long. Making your small garden space feel and look bigger and brighter. Perfect for those long summer evenings.

Vertical Planters

Vertical Planters

Vertical planters are a great way to save on space. Whether you use clever design solutions like the one by Creative Roots pictured above or a few DIY shelves, they are sure to bring colour and vibrancy without compromising on any floor space.

Hanging baskets can offer a great alternative to ceramic and terracotta floor pots. Fill them with herbs for your summer BBQ's and cocktails or pack them with colourful flowers and trailing ivy.

Transform a Window

Installing a serving ledge under the window can make an ideal DIY serving station.  By dressing the space with weather-resistant bar stools, perhaps even an awning, you can transform the area into a liveable outdoor space. Helping to keep the family from traipsing through the kitchen and cutting down on the cleaning.

Foldable Furniture

Lawn furniture can often be quite bulky, and can easily fill up your space, making it feel cramped. Opt for folding chairs and tables that can be stored easily when not in use. Or failing that, ditch the furniture altogether and throw an outdoor rug and floor pillows on the grass or paving. Creating a warm and inviting vibe that's low maintenance and made to fit whatever space is available.

Foldable Garden Furniture

Extend Your Deck

If you have decking that isn’t raised too far off the ground, extend it by laying natural stone patio slabs along the edge of the deck. Creating a seamless flow from one area of your space to the next.

Bar Cart on Wheels

There are ample, affordable kitchen trollies from places like Ikea that can become the ultimate outdoor drink station. Fill the shelves with coolers, glasses, utensils, and pitchers of punch, sangria, or whatever your tipple of choice may be. This portable bar also means fewer trips to the kitchen and more time in the sunshine. Making it one of our favourite small backyard garden ideas.

Hanging Shoe Planter Herbs

Find an over-the-door shoe organiser that matches your aesthetic (linen works best!) and attach it to your fence or wall for a space-saving herb garden. Place a different kind of herb in each compartment and then add labels or sharpie the names directly onto the pocket - to help you keep on track of what’s what.

Go Round

Not only do circular tables give off a modern look, but they’re also easier to manoeuvre around than traditional rectangle options, especially in tight spaces. Try to mix and match the textures by pairing a concrete or stone table with wooden patio furniture.

Patio Circles can offer a stylish space that's perfect for smaller gardens. Creating a place to sit and relax in that's separate from the rest of the garden. Use folding chairs and tables and place small potted plants around to bring some colour.

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