The National Trust is a charity that is responsible for preserving and protecting the natural and cultural heritage of the United Kingdom. It is the largest conservation charity in the country, with over 5.6 million members and 500,000 volunteers. Founded in 1895, the National Trust is responsible for over 500 historic buildings, 775 miles of coastline, and over 248,000 hectares of land across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. We explore how Westminster Stone supports the National Trust.

Who are the National Trust?

In 1895, Octavia Hill, Sir Robert Hunter, and Hardwicke Rawnsley founded the charity known as the National Trust. Their aim was to safeguard the UK's natural and cultural heritage, which included historic buildings, landscapes, and significant natural habitats. As a non-profit organization, the National Trust uses all its funds to support its mission of preserving the country's heritage.

How Westminster Stone Support the National Trust.

How does the National Trust help UK heritage?

The National Trust actively preserves and protects the UK's heritage, making it a vital organization. It plays an important role in ensuring that future generations can enjoy the UK's rich history through its conservation work, educational programs, community engagement, and fundraising. If you want to learn more about the National Trust or support its work, visit its website or become a member. Some of the ways that the National Trust helps preserve UK heritage include:

One of the main responsibilities of the National Trust is the conservation of historic buildings and landscapes. The organization is responsible for over 500 historic buildings, including castles, stately homes, and industrial buildings. These buildings are carefully maintained and restored to ensure that they are preserved for future generations. The National Trust also manages a large stretch of our coastline and land, including important natural habitats. The organization works to protect these areas and ensure that they are managed in a sustainable and responsible way.
The National Trust runs educational programs and activities to promote awareness and appreciation of the UK's heritage. These programs are aimed at people of all ages, from school children to adults. The National Trust also runs events and activities, such as guided tours and workshops, to help people learn more about the history and heritage of the UK.
The National Trust is committed to engaging with local communities to ensure that they are involved in the preservation and protection of their local heritage. The organization works with local communities to ensure that they are consulted and involved in decision-making processes.
The National Trust relies on donations and fundraising to support its work. The organization receives no government funding, so it relies on the generosity of its members and supporters to continue its work. The National Trust also runs a membership program, which provides members with access to its properties and events, as well as supporting its conservation work.

How Westminster Stone Supports the National Trust

Respecting our British history is something we strongly value here at Westminster Stone. With over 30 years of experience hand-crafting new products using moulds from original flagstone masters. By preserving the authentic character and beauty of British flagstones, we can ensure that these iconic designs continue to inspire future generations to come.

Our National Trust Paving Collection takes inspiration from beautiful places including Hidcote Manor in the Cotswolds, Tatton Park in Cheshire and Barrington Court in Somerset.

Income is generated for the National Trust when Purchasing our National Trust Paving Collections. By incorporating a piece of British history into your garden, you actively participate in preserving our nation's rich heritage. Your contribution plays a crucial role in protecting and maintaining these historical treasures for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

We have currently contributed over £350k in the past 10 years to support the National Trust 'for everyone, for ever' and we hope to continue this with our two latest ranges: Coastal Cottage and Townhouse.

National Trust Hidcote Flagstones Cotswold Manor Collection

Shop the National Trust Paving Collection

Westminster Stone Supports the National Trust with the following Paving ranges and accessories. Taking inspiration from the houses and gardens of the UK.

Coastal Cottage Range

The National Trust Coastal Cottage Paving Range is inspired by the wonderous and diverse Devon coastline and elegant National Trust cottages across the country. Our exclusive National Trust Paving Range includes traditional slate paving, including Branscombe Slate Paving and Tintagel Slate Paving. As well as premium porcelain outdoor tiles including Mill Bay Porcelain Paving - Driftwood and Mill Bay Porcelain Paving - Walnut to suit all gardens.

Country House Range

Inspired by the grandeur and formality of the nation’s fine stately homes, the Country House range offers a traditionally styled collection of authentic reclaimed York stone flagstones. Reproduced with a subtly time-worn appearance.

Westminster Stone National Trust Country House Range with shingle, flagstones and cobbles

Roman Villa Range

The Roman Villa Range contains tiles and edgings. Capturing the Mediterranean essence of mosaics and paving at Romano-British sites across the country.

Westminster Stone National Trust Roman Villa Range with shingle, flagstones and cobbles

Cotswold Manor Range

The Cotswold Manor range takes its inspiration from the famous National Trust gardens at Hidcote and Snowshill. The range reflects the warm mellow tones of traditional Cotswold buildings.

Westminster Stone National Trust Cotswold Manor  Range with shingle, flagstones and cobbles

Kitchen Garden Range

The Kitchen Garden range is designed to reflect the traditions of the working gardens often found at National Trust properties. The collection includes products full of warmth and character suitable for many garden settings.

How Westminster Stone Supports the National Trust kitchen garden collection