Once you’ve selected your choice of modern garden paving slabs, the fun can really begin when you find Inspiration For The Layout Of Your Modern Garden Paving Slabs & Tiles and can really start visualising how your outdoor areas will look.

There are all sorts of ways in which you can choose to lay out your new garden slabs and a wide range of patterns to consider, some more complicated and intricate than others.

Inspiration For The Layout Of Your Modern Garden Paving Slabs & Tiles 01

Contemporary Patterns

One of the simplest patterns available is the brick bond, which would be the same laying pattern as you’d expect to see on a brick wall. Because this pattern is so rigid and uniform, we feel it gives the most crisp, clean and contemporary look to a garden setting than any other pattern. And you could potentially add interest to your outdoor paving if you use a brick bond pattern but use block pavers to great effect between the slabs or tiles.

For something a little different, however, you could choose a herringbone pattern - a great choice if you have rectangular porcelain flagstones. This can be a very stylish option for homes, both interior and exterior… you could mirror the look inside by tiling your kitchen backsplash in herringbone as well.

It can be difficult to know where to begin with home renovation projects and it can be hard to really translate what you have in your mind’s eye into reality outside. Using software to help you design your new living spaces and help you see what works and what doesn’t can be really beneficial - and the good news is that there’s a lot of software out there to make use of.

Inspiration For The Layout Of Your Modern Garden Paving Slabs & Tiles 02

Ideas & Concepts

Landscape gardening can be a big job, depending on what you have in mind, but using a software package to help you put your ideas down in front of you can make a real difference when it comes to the amount of time your project takes to complete - which will help keep costs to a minimum.

TechRadar recently revealed its picks for the best programs out there at the moment, including Lands Design, which features freeform landscape modelling, more than 1,800 plant species in a database, 2D and 3D representations and an urban furniture library, to really help you bring your project to life.

These tools are sure to prove very useful indeed when it comes to deciding how you want your garden paving slabs to be laid out… and it can help prevent disappointment later down the line when what you thought you liked in your head didn’t quite match up in reality. Seeing how it all might come together will certainly help you make key decisions early on.

Modern Garden Paving Help

For homeowners not wanting to dabble with software, you can make ideas by hand on paper. If you’re not confident enough you have enough flair to create your dream garden alone, take the sketches you’ve created to a garden designer and talk them through the key aspects you’ve identified and what important to you. If you connect with a designer who understands you and your vision you’ll be rewarded with a truly special garden space once the project is complete.

If you’d like any further help or advice relating to slab layout ideas, garden paving and more, get in touch with us here at Westminster Stone today.