Whether you’re looking to achieve a modern country look or prefer something a little more contemporary, we’ve got lots of terracotta-style inspiration to spark your imagination! First used in ancient times, terracotta tiles have long been a popular choice. Perfect for adding an element of warmth and elegance to a space, it’s easy to understand why they’ve never gone out of style! Not only is terracotta flooring extremely versatile in functionality, it can also be styled to suit different tastes and preferences. Whether you want to refresh your kitchen, bathroom, living area or your garden, terracotta tiles may just be the perfect solution for you!

The New Neutral

The deep and comforting colour of brown is well and truly back in fashion, with many claiming that brown is the new neutral! 

In the example below, we love the use of various shades and hues of brown and how they harmonise to create a space that feels cohesive and welcoming. The clay tones of the terracotta tiles complement the chocolate rug whilst the draping dark brown curtains tie everything together for a timeless feel.  
Pair our old provence terracotta tiles with deep browns, chocolates and walnut tones for a dramatic yet elegant look.

Terracotta tiled open plan dining room with brown accents

Terracotta Accents 

If you’re looking for a more understated look, a great way to achieve this is by adding bold accents of terracotta via your soft furnishings. The great thing about incorporating vibrant colours into your home via soft furnishings is that you can easily refresh the look and feel of your space as the seasons and trends change. 

Look for saturated burnt umber and clay tones to make your terracotta flooring truly pop. You can also soften the look by complimenting your vibrant cushions with neutral tones such as off-white and sand for a more subtle and Mediterranean feel, perfect for summer months!

White and terracotta cushions
Image credit: Veronika Jorjobert

Light and Airy 

Terracotta is a saturated, warm colour with vibrant orange undertones. Whilst this can lend itself well to different interior design styles, it can also feel overpowering for some. If you want a more subdued, natural and fresh look, pair your terracotta tiles with white walls and ensure you let lots of natural light in! 

If you aren’t lucky enough to have expansive windows that let in lots of light, consider how you can utilise other lighting options such as floor lamps, pendant lights and wall mounted lamps to create the illusion of a brighter and bigger space.

Light  filled terracotta living room

Traditional Terracotta 

For the traditionalists out there, you really can’t go wrong with the classic country farmhouse style. If you want to keep the look modern and fresh, exposing beams and brickwork will add a rustic element and create a contemporary feel.

Country cottage entrance hall with terracotta floor tiles

Pair with Pattern

Whilst pattern can be daunting if you’re not accustomed to it, mixing terracotta tiles with patterned tiles, maximalist wallpaper and motif rugs can achieve beautiful results.

This style is great for a downstairs bathroom where you don’t need to be afraid of going bold and eccentric! Our top tip is to choose a pattern that incorporates terracotta tones to ensure that everything works together and feels harmonious. 
We love the example below that really embraces the orange tones of terracotta and combines patterns for a truly remarkable look! If this isn’t to your taste, check out interior design guru Sophie Robinson, who styles her kitchen terracotta tiles with vibrant floral wallpaper for a contemporary farmhouse look.

Bright orange wall with terracotta bathroom floor tile

A Grand Entrance 

If you’re considering terracotta tiles for your hallway, painting your front door in a contrasting colour can be a wonderful way to make a modern statement in a traditional country home. 

As blue and orange sit directly opposite each other on the colour wheel, they are complementary colours and create quite the statement when paired together. Choose a muted cobalt for a sophisticated entrance as in the example below or go for a pastel blue for something a little more kitsch and traditional.

Muted cobalt blue country cottage door
Image credit: Brandi Alexandra

Industrial Feel

Contrast the warm and earthy tones of traditional terracotta floor tiles with industrial materials such as concrete for a stark contrast and contemporary feel. Perfect for minimalists, this style oozes sophistication and understated glamour whilst retaining a touch of tradition and character. 

We love the bold, statement concrete table in the example below, paired with the muted concrete wall colour that balances everything perfectly.

Minimalist industrial dining room with terracotta floor

Terracotta Pathways

If you’re not daring enough to embrace terracotta tiles in your interior, outdoor paving is a brilliant option. The beautiful thing about our terracotta brick paving is the versatility of it. A great way to style these brick tiles is to lay them in a unique way that creates interest and acts as a focal point within your garden. 

Contrasting your terracotta paving with slate grey stones is a great way to modernise the look as you can create interesting shapes such as diamonds to add character and charm.

Terracotta brick pathway

As you can tell, we are big fans of terracotta here at Westminster Stone, and we'd love to see how you use our paving stones and floor tiles. Be sure to tag us when sharing photographs of your homes and gardens on socials! You can find more home and garden inspiration right here.