Having spent so much more time at home in the past couple of months, you’ve no doubt noticed a whole host of little (and big) jobs that you could do both indoors and in your garden. If you have a patio as part of your outdoor space, now is the perfect time to get it ready for the summer months with our helpful How to Point a Patio guide.

Over the winter, the wet and cold weather, particularly frosts can cause damage to the paving. Leaving your patio looking like it’s seen better days. Research from SEMrush revealed that searches for the term ‘how to point a patio’ have increased by 457 per cent in the last two months. Showing a leading trend of people giving their gardens and patios a makeover during lock down.

The Express recently offered some advice on how to point a patio. Ensuring it is ready for summer and hopefully some hot weather. So, if you want to have a go at pointing your patio, what do you need to know? Firstly, it’s important to understand why you need to regularly point your patio. The newspaper explained that pointing will prevent weeds growing between the paving, helping keep the paving slabs in top condition.

How To Point a Patio

Simply put, pointing involves filling in the grout between the paving slabs and it’s a job you should try to do every few years to keep your patio in top condition.

Begin by completely soaking the patio with water, using either a hosepipe or watering can. Make sure you spread the water out evenly using a brush. Next, take the jointing compound and pour “a generous amount” on the patio.

Take your time to sweep this jointing compound into all of the joints between the paving slabs and check that they’re all properly filled with the compound. Once you’ve gone over the whole patio, sweep away any excess product from the slabs.

Finally, take a metal tool and firmly press the compound into all of the gaps and make sure that you haven’t missed any spots. Brush off any excess product that’s left and then leave your patio and the grout to set. The news provider explained that it typically takes around 72 hours for this kind of compound to set.

Point a Patio

Make the most of the space

Once you’ve pointed your patio you might want to consider how you can make best use of the space. The Daily Mail recently highlighted some of top options for staying cosy outdoors. Picking out patio heaters and fire pits that could make the perfect addition to your garden.

It suggested purchasing a fire pit that can also double as a BBQ. Helping you reduce the amount of bulky items you need in your garden. Letting you cook up a storm and stay nice and warm into the evening without feeling cramped. The other option for heating your outdoor space is a gas-powered patio heater. these distribute heat over a seating area and don’t take up as much floor space either.

If you’re looking at your patio and thinking that it might need a little more work, take a look at our garden paving stones to browse a varied selection of traditional & contemporary paving. In need of some more inspiration? Head to our Case Studies and Garden Designer Profiles.

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