With so many colours, styles, textures and sizes to choose from, we've compiled a list of the best selling patio flagstones in this garden paving buying guide for the UK.

From small 10m2 garden patio projects up to 250+m2 commercial landscaping works, the paving slabs in this garden paving buying guide have been chosen for their appearance, durability and cost effectiveness.

We recommend first identifying whether a traditional or contemporary feel is sought, then choosing a rough colour palette to create the desired mood.

Varying source materials, finishes and textures of flagstones can work with most styles and colours, although crisp sawn edges are most popular with modern settings and hand cut styles most chosen for traditional locations.

Garden Paving Buying Guide | Westminster Stone


Working with a definitive style in mind helps one quickly filter the choice of products down.

Traditional Garden Paving

These classic patio flagstones are perfect for creating an instantly time worn feel, with unique footworn textures.

Contemporary Garden Paving

Create a clean, crisp and defined look with these modern patio slabs.


Having a rough colour palatte in mind helps create a certain mood with the right choice of patio flagstones.

Terracotta Garden Paving

Ideal for creating warmth and character, from small courtyard spaces to restaurant stone floors as they work both inside and out.

Cream Paving Slabs

One of the most popular colour tones for patios is cream, encompassing light browns, buff and yellows.


Many of the flagstones above are hand made from reclaimed original slabs, but it's also popular to choose paving from the most common natural stone varieties.

Limestone Garden Paving

Limestone flagstones come with fine detailing and a highly durable finish, great for garden spaces with heavy foot fall.

Slate Paving Slabs

Slate makes a defined statement in any garden, patio or outdoor commercial space.

Sandstone Garden Paving

Sandstone is one of the most commonly used materials for flagstones, offering stunning results at competitive prices.

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Paving Display Centres

Visiting a paving display centre is a great way to get a feel for patio flagstones in natural light and realistic settings.

The display in this video is located in the city of Chester, although many more locations can be found by visiting this display centres page.