Designing a small driveway can be quite daunting. So we’ve gathered our favourite driveway design ideas for small spaces so you can be proud of the entrance to the house you call home. A small driveway can easily be overwhelmed by bold colours, lots of features and let’s face it, multiple parked cars. We believe in keeping things simple. That’s why our driveway design ideas are easy to execute whilst having a big impact on the appearance and functionality of your home. 

Curvy Paving 

A simple yet effective way to make a statement at the front of your home is by laying paving stones in a curved formation. Curved driveways tend to blend more harmoniously with the natural landscape and can lead to a more rustic look if using the likes of cobbles and setts.

Using two different stone colours can lead to beautiful results with curved paving. Creating a border around the edge of your driveway will make a clear distinction between the driveway and your lawn or planting area. Whilst creating patterns within the driveway paving itself can be a beautiful way of creating interest and texture if you don’t have space for a large lawn or lots of foliage. 

Laying cobblestones on a curved driveways
Two tone cobbles in curved patterns

A Modern Twist

If you have an affinity for all things modern, you’ll love this contemporary driveway design.To create this striking checkerboard design, lay large paving slabs equidistant, allowing enough room between each one for grass to peek through. This design is perfect for if you want to make a memorable statement, we’re sure visitors won’t stop talking about it. We love it when people get creative with paving designs and this one ticks every box! 

If you want to go bold, choose a cream paving stone for dramatic contrast. If you prefer a more rustic and natural look, choose a darker grey stone of a smaller size such as our welsh midnight block paving. 

Modern cream paving slabs in checkerboard design
Rustic grey paving stones in checkerboard pattern 

Gorgeous Gravel 

Gravel driveways never go out of style. If you want to create an elegant and timeless look, lay a beautiful gravel across your entire driveway. No matter which colour preference you have, there's an abundance of different gravels from cream and white to multi-tonal pinks, greys and even terracotta to choose from. 

Beautiful gravel driveway in the Cotswolds  
Image credit Left: Becky Fantham 

For an authentic Cotswolds feel to your driveway, our Snowshill shingle is inspired by the beautiful Snowshill manor gardens nestled in the English countryside. The beautiful weathered beige, buff cream and grey stones will create a stunning warmth and softness to the entrance of your home, for a truly homely and relaxed feel. Your visitors will certainly feel warmly welcomed!

Country Cobbles

If you love the traditional country look but are short on space, using cobbles in warm hues such as honey and sand will add a positive touch to your driveway, without taking up precious space  

Our antique fieldmoor cobbles and setts have lots of colour variations within them, quickly adding colour and depth to a small driveway. We love the variety of tones within these cobbles, from sand and buff to slate grey, honey and terracotta, they are an extremely versatile choice and will work alongside most house styles. So whether you have a newly built house or quaint country cottage, you’ll be proud to return to a beautiful home! 

Block Paving 

grey/beige curved cobbled driveways

No matter the size of your driveway, block paving is always a safe option. Block paving stones come in a variety of colours and finishes, from slate grey to antique honey, so you can really match the stone to your unique style. The beauty of block paving is its uniformity. Laid in a regular pattern, it creates a smooth and tidy appearance to the entrance of your home and remains one of the most popular choices for large and small driveways alike.

Top Tip: Be sure to use a sealant to stop any pesky weeds growing through the cracks! 

Transform Your Small Driveway into a Grand Entrance

Even with limited space, you can create a driveway that makes a lasting impression. By incorporating these design ideas, you can maximize functionality and aesthetics for a welcoming entrance to your home.

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