Westminster Stone is thrilled to unveil its latest addition to its already impressive National Trust Paving Collection - Townhouse Range, inspired by the alluring National Trust townhouses across the UK. This new range comprises four exciting products that showcase the timeless elegance and charm of these historic buildings, drawing inspiration from magnificent Georgian townhouses such as Lamb House and Mompesson.

Our dedicated design team has meticulously sourced each paving product, ensuring that every detail is perfect, resulting in an exquisite range of garden paving that is sure to impress. By using our Townhouse range, you can bring a touch of classic style to your outdoor space while also supporting and preserving our rich British heritage.

Townhouse Limestone Paving

Our limestone Townhouse Paving is inspired by the charm and elegance of townhouses throughout the UK. These iconic buildings are an integral part of British history and architecture, with their distinctive features such as ornate doorways, sash windows, and grand entrances. Our design team has carefully drawn inspiration from these unique features to create a range of garden paving that complements the timeless beauty of these historic buildings. With its natural beauty and durability, limestone is the perfect choice for creating a sophisticated and long-lasting outdoor space.

grand red brick townhouse
The front of Lamb House, East Sussex ©National Trust Images, Andrew Butler

Lamb House Limestone Paving

Lamb House, a stunning red-bricked Georgian house built in 1722 is a hidden gem within the old town of Rye. Once home to notable writers Henry James and E. F. Benson and continues to be a place of inspiration for writers and artists alike. The walled garden at Lamb House is one of the largest in the area and was designed by James' friend Alfred Parsons. Visitors to the garden can admire the vibrant display of roses, lilies, spring bulbs, and herbaceous plants that border the well-manicured lawn and winding pathways, providing year-round interest and colour. There's also an award-winning vegetable garden from the Victorian era that is still providing seasonal produce today. Whether you are a literary enthusiast, garden lover or simply seeking a moment of tranquillity, Lamb House's garden is a must-visit destination for visitors and locals alike.

Lamb House Limestone Paving

Lamb House Limestone paving adds warmth and charm with its golden glow and honey hues. Inspired by the National Trust’s stunning Lamb House which is bursting with elegance and traditional Georgian charm, these limestone flagstones are perfect for contemporary townhouse gardens and traditional properties alike. Ethically sourced, Lamb House Limestone is expertly finished to enhance its natural surface texture. 

hney limetston patio in front of a clasic brick townhouse

Lamb House Limestone Cobbles

Inspired by the National Trust’s Georgian Lamb House which is steeped in literary history, these limestone cobbles will transport you back to the early 20th century. Their naturally distressed finish and beautiful honey hues provide an abundance of character and charm. Whether set in the grounds of period properties, cottage gardens or contemporary townhouses, these limestone cobbles will add a welcoming and rustic touch.

rustic honey limetsone cobbles with pot and wrought iron chair top.
grand brick townhouse
©National Trust Images, James Dobson

Rainham Hall Limestone Paving

Rainham Hall is a charming early 18th-century merchant's home located in the heart of Rainham village. Following a £2.5 million conservation project, this gem is now open to visitors and offers engaging installations and a year-round program of exhibitions and events suitable for all ages. Rainham Hall's cast of characters is as diverse as its history, including Captain John Harle, who built the hall. This fascinating history served as the inspiration for our Grey Limestone Flagstones, which capture the timeless elegance and durability of this historic building.

Rainham Hall Limestone Paving

Rainham Hall Limestone flagstones add a peaceful ambience that beautifully complements contemporary townhouses and the bustling streets of British towns. Inspired by the National Trust’s Rainham Hall which was once an 18th Century merchant’s home, these flagstones reflect the timeless elegance of the hall itself. Their elegant mid-grey tones and lightly tumbled finish creates a truly sophisticated yet characterful appearance.

grey limestone paving in front of a cream townhouse with sash windows and topiary trees.

Rainham Hall Limestone Cobbles

Rainham Hall Limestone Cobbles are bursting with character, elegance and charm. Taking inspiration from the National Trust’s Rainham Hall, these cobblestones have an exceptionally subtle surface texture which ensures a sophisticated and refined appearance. Light and mid-grey tones complement almost any outdoor setting but look particularly breathtaking in the gardens and courtyards of period townhouses.

light grey rustic cobbles with a plant right.
grand stone townhouse
©National Trust Images, Peter Cook

Townhouse Porcelain Paving

Step into a bygone world when you visit Salisbury's Cathedral Close and the inviting Mompesson House. As a quintessential Queen Anne townhouse, it boasts magnificent plasterwork, period furniture, and an impressive collection of 18th-century drinking glasses and watercolours by former resident Barbara Townsend. Step outside to the tranquil garden, complete with herbaceous borders and a pergola. Our Townhouse Porcelain Paving is inspired by the grand Georgian and Regency townhouses like Mompesson House. The porcelain's classic elegance and superior quality will add sophistication to your outdoor space for years to come.

Mompesson Porcelain Paving - Gold

Mompesson Porcelain Paving adds a luxurious touch to outdoor spaces. Subtle gold and honey hues provide an exquisite warmth which creates a homely and welcoming atmosphere to period townhouses and modern gardens alike. Inspired by the 18th Century townhouse Mompesson, this porcelain paving reflects the ornate and regal ambience of the historical building that embodies the Queen Anne architectural style.

Mompesson Porcelain Paving - Ivory

Mompesson Porcelain Paving in Ivory, provides a refined elegance and tranquillity to outdoor spaces. Expertly manufactured in Italy using the finest techniques and materials, this porcelain paving is of exceptional quality. Inspired by the National Trust’s Mompesson townhouse, these porcelain paving slabs combine subtle cream and white hues and provide a stunning sense of light and brightness to gardens and patios alike.

Explore The National Trust Paving Collection

Featuring five distinct ranges inspired by traditional National Trust properties and gardens across the country, the collection comprises paving, flagstones and landscaping products of unrivalled quality and character. This unique paving collection reflects the best of our nation’s landscape heritage. Including terracotta inspired by Roman Villa Chedworth, a Kitchen Garden range including rustic brick pavers and a Country House and Cotswold Manor range perfect for traditional properties.

What makes the National Trust Collection so special?

Endorsed by the esteemed National Trust for its unrivalled authenticity, our premium paving products have earned their place in preserving our nation's invaluable heritage. By choosing from our exclusive National Trust Collection, you not only enhance the beauty of your outdoor space but also actively contribute to the conservation of our rich cultural legacy. Over the past decade, we have proudly donated over £350k towards the National Trust's noble cause of "for everyone, for ever," and we remain dedicated to upholding this commitment through our exceptional Townhouse Paving Range. Experience the epitome of elegance and make a lasting impact with our remarkable selection of garden paving. Read more on Preserving Our Heritage and how Westminster Stone supports the National Trust or take a look at how we work with the National trust and what criteria we meet.