Georgina from Touch The Earth Garden Design is known for creating wildlife-friendly gardens with a passion for sustainability. She has recently completed this beautiful project deep in the peak district using our Antique Glendale Sandstone paving for the gardens of a grade II listed, Victorian red brick building in the Hope Valley. We dive into her design process, product choices and experiences of using Westminster Stone in this very special contemporary cottage garden design...

1. Can you tell us about the setting and brief for this garden design?

The House is a Grade II listed building deep in the Peak District National Park. This large detached house is part of a former Mill, and dates back to the end of the 18th century. The house itself is nestled between the Kinder plateau and the Great Ridge, and the garden faces the narrow but fast-flowing River Noe.

The brief was to create a space in a large field for a place to play the occasional game of croquet and to sit and relax and to absorb the beautiful views over the Hope Valley through the woodland. We wanted to entwine the woodland and the River Noe into the space, so a living jasmine archway was placed at the top of the banking that led down to the river, it is like entering a secret garden. 

The client wanted a contemporary design with a cottage garden and naturalistic planting that would also benefit the bees and biodiversity.

2. What did the design process look like?

We had numerous discussions about the exact placement of the new garden and the planting design. I designed a few concept plans and then a master design which was then given to C Richardson Landscapes to build the garden. Choosing the paving stone was indeed a complicated feat as there are so many to choose from and so many companies to purchase from, but I kept coming back to Westminster Stone as they were the most helpful. There was lots to discuss about the paving to get it to fit into the design so I had to go with the larger size and the smaller size for the edging, it all perfectly fit into place.

3. What products did you choose and why?

We decided to go with the Antique Glendale Sandstone Paving as the client wanted something not dissimilar from York Stone and with a tone that would blend in well with the Victorian brick on the house as well as the brick we used to edge the lawn.

4. What was your experience of dealing with Westminster Stone?

I had a fantastic experience with Westminster Stone, I was assigned a personal assistant and he sent me samples that arrived on time and he explained, in-depth the details about a few varieties of stone before helping me decide on the Glendale. Throughout the project, he sent me emails to check that everything was OK and the stone arrived on time in perfect condition.  We were all very pleased. The pricing is affordable and the stone is sustainable.

Georgina's vision for this garden masterfully combined contemporary design with respect for the natural world. The use of materials like Antique Glendale Sandstone creates a cohesive aesthetic, while the wildlife-friendly features like the jasmine archway and diverse planting contribute to a thriving ecosystem. This project serves as a testament to the power of thoughtful design in creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space that fosters a connection with nature.

About Georgina Burdeau

Georgina in the garden with chickens running around.

Georgina has been designing gardens and planting designs for just over 4 years and has been a gardener since childhood. She tends to favour the ecologically designed garden that accepts wildlife and an abundance of biodiversity. With knowledge and experience of working in the area of community gardens and designing wildlife-friendly gardens.

.Georgina Burdeau and Landscape Contractors: C Richardson Landscapes, Sheffield.

0788 227 8830

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