Garden Media recently released its 2023 Garden Trends Report, announcing that terracotta is the colour trend of the year - and it is not hard to see why with the rich history and symbolism behind it. Terracotta is a warm, earthy colour that naturally evokes feelings of comfort and relaxation. A colour that has been used in art and architecture for centuries, from ancient Egypt to the Renaissance.

Terracotta Through the Ages

Terracotta was used in the construction of many famous buildings throughout history, including the Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal. Its durability and versatility make it an ideal material for large-scale projects. Even today, it is still widely used in construction and interior design due to its aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness.

The use of terracotta has changed over time as new technologies have become available. Today’s terracotta products are stronger and more durable than ever before, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

"Deeply rooted in history, orange is a colour with spiritual connotations... It was the signature colour of the decade between the Sixties and the Seventies -the swinging ’60s, a time of change, peace, love, and psychedelic aesthetic. The ’70s aesthetics moved away from the psychedelic into more natural - Acid Orange into the beautiful terra-cotta we see today. Earth tones dominated this era, as the “earth movement” began in 1970 with the first Earth Day." Garden Media | Garden Trends 2023

Using Terracotta in your Home and Garden

Ideal for adding warmth and texture to homes, terracotta's versatility makes it an attractive choice for many interior and exterior design projects. This earthy hue can be used to create a light and inviting atmosphere, whether you want to create a calming retreat or an elegant statement. We have listed some of our favourite ways to incorporate this new colour trend into both home and garden:

Terracotta Terrace

Create a dedicated space to relax, sunbathe, read or entertain with a patio circle or octagon, or create a whole terrace in terracotta with our Old Provence Tiles. Introducing a taste of Provencal living to your garden or home with natural warmth and character. Perfect as part of a Mediterranean-style garden design or equally stunning for that old English cottage garden effect.

Terracotta Terrace Garden

Planting schemes

RHS Chelsea flower show 2022 featured many firey planting schemes with bursts of oranges and red creating eye-catching borders and features across different display categories. The aptly named Achillea 'Terracotta', commonly known as Yarrow offers feathery foliage. and striking flowers in a beautiful yellow/orange colour that attracts many pollinators.

Terracotta Brick Pavers

Kitchen Garden

Create stunning pathway designs with either Jacobean brick pavers or our National trust Kitchen Garden Brick Pavers, ideal for rustic walkways to break up crop sections or create interest and character in garden designs while adding a pop of colour.

Dinnerware & ornamental accents

A great way to add a little touch of orange to living spaces is to add terracotta pots or dinner sets - opt for simple glazed designs or painted and patterned designs to create a real statement and talking point. Add clusters of different-sized terracotta pots to add interest in rooms or even opt for a bold colour block wall in your favourite orange tone. For a real pop of sunshine, use terracotta floor tiles in hallways, bathrooms or kitchens to create a joyful living space like one of our customers in a recent poolhouse case study or take a look at our blog on how to style terracotta floor tiles for a modern look.

Garden Edging

If you already have a new patio or do not want to create a focal point with terracotta, why not add a little hint with our decorative Gardenstone Cheshire Patio Edging or line a border or pathway with Victorian Rope Edging perfect for separating areas of flowers and plants from pathways and lawns within your garden.

Decorative Terracotta Path Edging

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