Stonemarket, based in Ryton in Warwickshire, and owned by Marshalls PLC, offer a very good range of paving products for all garden settings, whether modern contemporary, or traditional. Products are targeted at the UK’s leading garden designers, but some products are also suitable for competent DIY enthusiasts.

In alphabetical order for simplicity, the range encompasses the following products and features:-
Circles, concrete paving, granite paving, indigenous stone paving materials, limestone paving, natural stone block paving, (NSBP,) natural Yorkstone paving, pathway setts, patio and pathway pointing, quartzite paving, reconstituted paving, reconstructed stone paving, sandstone paving, slate paving, stepping stones, timber effect planters and vitrified paving. All products are available to order through Westminster Stone.

The paving brands that Stone market offer are detailed below, and every product is available competitively priced from Westminster Stone. Contact us, stating the quantity, delivery postcode area, and the Stonemarket paving product that you require.

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Stonemarket Arctic Granite natural paving
Stonemarket Avant Garde contemporary paving
Stonemarket Beachside paving
Stonemarket Bourton
Stonemarket Cordora
Stonemarket Dorian paving
Stonemarket Equinox paving
Stonemarket Excelsior paving
Stonemarket Fastpoint polymeric pointing and grouting system
Stonemarket Gravity vitrified porcelain paving
Stonemarket Lucent Vitrified porecelain paving
Stonemarket Marketstone economy natural stone
Stonemarket New Millstone paving (Original, Olde London & Honey Gold)
Stonemarket Namera
Stonemarket Nordus
Stonemarket Opera
Stonemarket Paleo Vitrified porcelain paving
Stonemarket Rio contemporary paving
Stonemarket Scoutmoor natural stone
Stonemarket Stonespar
Stonemarket Stretton
Stonemarket Timberstone
Stonemarket Truslate
Stonemarket Trustone Natural Stone Paving
Stonemarket Vintage Stone
Stonemarket Westmoor Crest
Stonemarket Yorkstone

Landscaping and Paving in your Home & Garden with Stonemarket
Stonemarket’s Handmade Reconstituted Relica Paving and Trustone, Truslate & Marketstone Natural Stone Paving Ranges.

Westminster Stone are a stockist and distributor for both Stonemarket, and their parent company, Marshalls, and deliver throughout the UK on specialist crane, forklift and tail lift vehicles. Operating daily deliveries throughout Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and North Wales. (Westminster Stone operate suberb paving display centres in Chester, Knutsford, Newcastle Under Lyme, Oswestry, Wrexham, and in the Cotswolds at The Burford. (All paving centre display centre details on this website).

Contact us for our very best rates on all Stonemarket paving and landscaping materials, including New Millstone paving (in Original, Olde London & Honey Gold colours), plus Trustone, Truslate and Marketstone.

Stonemarket selects superb quality natural stone paving through Stone Shippers, Marshalls’ own stone import division, bringing in excellent quality ethically sourced natural stone from around the world to bring the very best paving materials for your home and garden.

Take a look also at the Livingstone selection of natural stone here on the Westminster Stone website. Westminster Stone also offer products from Global Stone, Livingstone, UK Stone, Stone Paving Supplies, Bentley Paving, Digby Trading and Brett Landscaping, if Stonemarket don’t have the product that you’re after. We have the widest selection available anywhere in the UK.

If you would like a quote for any Stonemarket man made concrete product, or Trustone Natural Stone Paving, please let us know the quantity required, and the delivery postcode area on the link on this page. Westminster Stone deliver Stone Market paving products nationwide. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are on hand to offer you help and advice.

Westminster Stone – Here to help with your Stonemarket Paving requirements.

A collection of paving, walling and accessories, Millstone accurately recreates traditional antique stone. The detailed profiling and textures are moulded from genuine original stone masters to produce the true character of original aged stone flags.

With distinctive antique appearance Millstone is an ideal choice for traditional and cottage gardens, especially those belonging to listed buildings and period properties. Stonemarket’s Millstone range is similar in character to Westminster Stone’s own Lancashire Mill Flags, and Yorkshire Street Flags, and the National Trust Landscape Collection Petworth Flagstones shown here on the Westminster Stone website.

Stonemarket Millstone Original
Stonemarket Millstone Olde London
Stonemarket Millstone Honey Gold

A range of paving options, Stonemarket Yorkstone replicates newly quarried and hewn English York stone. Easy to use and good value for money, the choice of accessory components and colourways gives you the freedom to design your own unique coordinated paving and patio scheme.

Yorkstone Riven paving is offered in a choice of 5 different colours and eight easy to manage sizes. An ideal DIY paving choice with circles, octagonal octant features and stepping stones to match or coplement the paving in your garden.

600x600x37mm – Bronze, York Buff & Old English
600x450x37mm – Bronze, York Buff & Old English
600x300x37mm – Bronze, York Buff & Old English
450x450x37mm – Bronze, York Buff & Old English
450x300x37mm – Bronze, York Buff & Old English
300x300x37mm – Bronze, York Buff & Old English

Consider Westminster Stone’s comprehensive paving ranges too. The superb Westminster Stone traditional stone paving and flooring collection, and the beautiful National Trust Paving Collection are both ‘own brand’ products manufactured ‘in house’ and in the UK, and the excellent comprehensive Livingstone natural stone range is ethically sourced and imported for Westminster Stone.

Also consider Westminster Stone’s Yorkstone paving range too. Westminster Stone produce a direct alternative to discontinued Stonemarket products:-

The entire Town & Country Paving range (Stonemarket bought Town & Country Paving Limited, based in Angmering, West Sussex in 2001, and gradually discontinued every product over a 2 year period). Westminster Stone has a direct equivalent to virtually every products, from Antique Terracotta Tiles to Old Cotswold, Old London, Mellow London and more!
Stonemarket Terrascina (Terracotta tile effect paving). Westminster Stone offer the Old Provence range. Similar style and Mediterranean effect paving tiles.
Stonemarket Antique Brick (single traditional antique brick effect paving). Take a look at Westminster Stone Jacobean Paving Brick, and at the National Trust Landscape Collection Kitchen Garden Brick Paver on the Westminster Stone Paving Collection website for an alternative to the Stonemarket product.
Countryside Flagstone was generally regarded as the most authentic Yorkstone Flag reproduction available, and was manufactured by Town & Country Paving too. Westminster Stone was closely related with T&C before Stonemarket bought Town & Country, and the paving and flooring products that Westminter produce are all but identical in colour, texture, detail and authenticity to the T&C products that Stonemarket discontinued.

Westminster Stone offer one of the most comprehensive paving ranges in the UK. As well as over 500 products in their own Westminster Stone, Livingstone and National Trust Paving ranges, Westminster Stone are stockists, agents and distributors for all of the UK’s leading paving brands, including Stonemarket, and deliver competitively to all corners of Britain.