Flagstones | Cobbles | Shingle | Kerbstones

Inspired by the grandeur and formality of the nation’s fine stately homes, the Country House range offers a traditionally styled collection of authentic reclaimed York stone flagstones, reproduced with a subtly time worn appearance.


With its smooth, time worn textures and subtle antique appearance, the Country House range is the ideal choice for creating traditional gardens in both town and country settings. There are also complementary landscaping products that will bring a touch of classic garden heritage to any space.


The paving and landscaping materials have been influenced by many of the National Trust’s most renowned stately homes and gardens, most notably Petworth House in West Sussex and Tatton Park near Knutsford in Cheshire.

Petworth Flagstones

Hand made Cotswold Flagstones
Replicate Hidcote Manor character
Rich, open-textured, appearance
Authentic ‘Cotswold’ Paving Slabs


Tatton Courtyard Cobbles

Traditional courtyard charm
For pathways, drives or as edgings
Complement Petworth Flagstones
Available in 3 sizes


Decorative Tatton Shingle

Pink, brown & grey blend
For terraces, paths & driveways
Available in 3 sizes (fine to large)
Complements brick & weathered stone


Country House Kerbstones

Textured finish & bevelled top
Edging for driveways, paths & beds
Complements Country House flags
Straight & corner pieces


Country House

The Country House range offers a touch of classic garden heritage inspired by the grandeur and formality of the nation’s finest stately homes.

Flagstone Sizes – 900x450mm, 750x450mm, 600x450mm, 450x450mm, 450x300mm.

Cobble Sizes – 225x375mm, 225x300mm, 225x225mm.

Shingle Sizes – 10mm, 14mm and 20mm

Kerbstone Sizes – Straight (600x100x130mm) & Corner (300x100x130mm) 

Products Overview

Petworth Flagstones This reproduction Yorkstone has great character and authentic detail evoking the spirit of bygone days. The flagstones have a smooth worn texture with warm olive and subtle grey tones. They can be laid randomly, or coursed across pathways.

Tatton Courtyard Cobble The cobble replicates the traditional charm of the country house courtyard. It can be used in a variety of settings including pathways, drives or as an edging to a border or paved area. The cobble’s character and blend of colours complement the texture and hues of the Petworth Flagstone.

Tatton Kerbstone This distinctive kerbstone is designed to complement the flagstones and cobbles in the range. It provides the perfect edging to driveways, paths and planting beds.

Tatton Shingle The Tatton shingle is a subtle blend of pinks, browns and greys and is ideal for paths, driveways and other areas created using the products in this range.