June signals the real start of summer, with the 21st solstice being the longest day of 2020. Our June Gardening Tips include best practices for the month as well as our usual ideas and inspiration for your own garden projects. Check out our May Tips for any last minute maintenance!

As the incoming sunshine pushes back at the residual chilly days hanging over from spring, June generally offers generally pleasant weather with a handful extremes thrown in for good measure. It’s usually the first time we experience the earth really drying out in the garden on the most scorching days, balanced with the odd thunderstorm to dowse the foliage and make the greens in the garden really pop out.

Top 5 June Gardening Tips

The sunshine certainly brings everyone out into the garden, but as always there are a number of tasks to keep garden enthusiasts busy while the rest of the family enjoy the patio and barbecue.

Tis the season to grab the hoe regularly, as the increased warmth and light gives everything in the garden a much needed boost, but don’t forget this includes the weeds!

Look out for the scorching hot days scattered throughout June and make sure you’re keeping everything well watered.

Cut back early season flowers such as daffodils, 6 weeks after flowering.

Keep an eye on fruit and veg for signs of pests and deal with them quickly. Again, with the warmth and extra light bringing the whole garden to life, it inevitably brings some unwanted beasts such as the carrot fly into the proceedings.

June is a great time for getting started on both the summer beds and autumn harvests.

Gardening in June Videos

We’ve collated a number of YouTube videos from reputable sources that all contain great June Gardening Tips. While every effort has been made to share high quality information, Westminster Stone are not responsible for any of the content within any of the following links.

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