‘Restoring Gardens is all the rage at stately homes' says the Sunday Times this week. Period styles are being re-created with the help of modern materials and not just at Britain's finest houses. One example used in the article was Hidcote Manor, the inspiration for part of our National Trust Landscape Collection. This beautiful estate in Gloucestershire was bequeathed to the National Trust in 1948 as its first garden oriented property and has recently undergone a £3.5m restoration to the Grade 1-listed garden. Glyn Jones, the Head Gardener recognises that 'if you are thinking about restoring a garden, you have to think about how the materials back then were not as good as modern ones' and it is useful to adopt a policy of doing things 'in the spirit' rather than faithfully following a set plan.

This is what the National Trust Landscape collection is all about, bringing the quality and character of their beautiful homes and gardens to your own property. Through meticulous attention to detail and using the finest modern materials available, we can create ranges of paving and landscaping products that offer the discerning home-owner faithful reproductions taken from historic originals.