Our customer has kindly shared their journey of finding the perfect flagstones and Tatton Cobbles for their beautiful Period Property Garden and Driveway Design in Cheshire.

The brief 

As owners of a period property near Malpas in Cheshire, we wanted to ensure that any external makeover to the pathways and driveway around our house were done as sympathetically as possible. The existing paving which had been laid 25 years earlier surrounding the house had become ‘tired’ and detracted from the overall look and feel.  In addition, the front and edges of the driveway were ill-defined; our aim was to create a more formal and welcoming entrance to the driveway with the use of traditional cobble edging.

The design 

Once we had established a short-list of potential options to match the existing materials from the Westminster Stone website, we paid a visit to their main showroom near Ellesmere which luckily was not far away from us!  We came prepared with some dimensions of the existing plans and a design for a new courtyard area incorporating a fountain.  Our aim was to try and use a random pattern of smaller slab sizes in order to avoid the design looking too modern, and at the same time replicating the existing design. Being able to see the stones outside on large displays gave us the confidence to be able to narrow down our choice for the materials.  A tip - look at the stone both wet and dry - it can make a big difference!

The product choices 

In the end, we decided on the Honey Cathedral Antique Garden Paving and cobbles in the same material for the rear fountain area.  An important consideration was the fact that the slab material made them more resistant to discolouration and was more hard-wearing and in keeping. The fact that they were available in packs, and we could separate out the larger slabs for a separate project, meant that we were left with a mix of slab sizes ideally suited to our project.

Regarding the cobbles for the front driveway apron and drive edging, we chose National Trust Country House Tatton Cobbles.  The fact that these had been commissioned for the National Trust gave us the confidence that the finished look would remain faithful to the character of our (and other local period) property, and we were not disappointed with the end result!

This stunning transformation of a period property's driveway and pathways offers a wealth of inspiration. Through the meticulous selection of traditional materials like Honey Cathedral Antique Paving Stones and National Trust Country House Tatton Cobbles, a formal and inviting entrance has been created that perfectly complements the home's character. The use of smaller slabs in a random pattern adds a touch of timeless charm, while the cobbled edging provides a well-defined border.

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About the Author

Sian McHugh

'Sian has been working with us at Westminster Stone for over 5 years and has developed expertise in garden design and landscaping. Her passion for nature extends to tending her own garden, teaching yoga and hiking during her free time.'