This year has made us more appreciative than ever of our garden and outdoor spaces. Latest trends are showing that people want a more usable outdoor living space. Having an area to gather around a table or fire has also gained importance. Here are a few of the top landscaping trends ready for 2021.

Garden Zoning

With spending more time in the garden, making discrete spaces for different times of day will allow you to get the most out of it and let you enjoy the garden from all aspects. It can also give family members some distance from each other for pursing different activities. Use pathways and borders or hedges to separate areas. Split levels also work well. Create your own walled garden to help shelter crops and gain more privacy all round. 

Garden Design by Toby Pritchard | Creative Roots

Bring The Indoors Out

One of the biggest trends is to use the outside as an extension of the internal living space. Create a seamless flow with matching flooring and bi fold doors or use cushions in an area of the garden to make an area feel more like home.

To make the garden one of the most used ‘rooms’ in the home invest in good all-weather seating and furniture, so you can hang out or entertain all year round. Have cushions, blankets and lanterns stored away to adorn the space when it's dry, adding extra hygge.. Investing in a patio heater or log burner ensures you can get the most out of your garden. keeping you toasty on dry winter nights. Create a covered space using a pergola or gazebo you can retreat to when it rains and decorate with fairy lights.

Materials most in demand appear to be natural and neutral, with the emphasis on low key rather than flashy. The colour grey is making a big entrance to the gardening world in 2021 following on from its popularity in interiors this year. Expect grey fence panels, paving and furniture.

Forever Green

Everyone wants colourful flowers when they are planning a garden and next year its all about white flowers. However, it is also important not to neglect the many shades and textures of verdant foliage. Ensure you have plenty of evergreens - their sculptural forms really come into their own during winter, offering much needed colour and life. While in summer, they will fade into the background letting your flowers take centre stage. 


Grow Your Own 

Growing your own food is not only nutritious it's super rewarding too. Raised beds are top of the list for landscaping trends in 2021 and for good reason too. Raised beds can offer an easier to tend to veg patch - without the bad back! They are also great for the kids to tend to and help prevent crops from getting damaged. Create your own kitchen garden using raised beds surrounded by pathways close to your back door. If limited on space try using containers to grow herbs, fruit and potatoes. 

Go Wild

Whether it is using natural materials such as stone and wood, growing crops to provide food for ourselves, sowing a wildflower meadow or plants to attract bees and pollinators, eco-thinking is taking centre stage.  We are all more eco-aware and want to use our gardens to help against climate change where we can.