With Christmas gone and a new year begun -  now is the perfect time to start venturing out into the garden for those January Gardening Jobs. What better way to work off the Christmas gluttony and clear the mind by tending and tidying up the garden!

This year more than ever it is imperative to take the time to create a space of solace, immersing ourselves in nature and showing gratitude for all the things we do have. If you are short on outside space then please take a look at our container gardening blog for ideas on how to bring the outside in and reap the benefits of growing your own crops. 

Crops in January

Winter can often seem a barren time of year, however, there are some crops we can start sowing this month to get ahead!


> Now is a great time to plant out any bare-root fruit trees and bushes, just make sure the ground isn't frozen first.

> Apply winter washes to fruit trees and add a top dressing of 'sulphate of potash' to fruit and nuts.

> Harvest mature citrus fruits

Small Pumpkins in a Basket
leafy greens cucumber and red onion in a basket.


> Sow seeds indoors for early harvests of lettuce, brassicas, spinach and spring onions.

> Broad beans can now be sown in pots in unheated greenhouses

> Cultivate and prepare your seed beds ready for spring and cover with polythene of fleece to warm the soil.

General Garden upkeep

Here are a few things to consider in your garden this month, helping it to tick over and prepare for the return of spring.

> Clear up any leftover soggy leaves, algae and moss from your flagstones and decking.

> Put your Xmas tree on the composting heap to create mulch for your plants.

> Ensure bird feeders and water is topped up to help our little friends through the last stretch of scarce food.

> Trim back any climbers such as Ivy, this is important to do before the birds start nesting.

>  Deep clean - start giving your pots and containers a good scrub and get in the shed or greenhouse to clear out broken bits and start organising. Ready to get sowing and planning for the year ahead. 

> Service your tools - take your lawn mower for a service and start sharpening and organising your tools ready for digging pruning and cropping.

Planning a Garden Makeover?

If you are planning on revamping or adding to your garden space this year, take a look at our ranges of Traditional and Contemporary flagstones. With a huge range of Natural Stone, Porcelain, Terracotta and Hand-made paving there is something to suit every style and need. We also have the National Trust Landscape Collection Paving Range, perfect for listed buildings and period properties. Offering a low-cost alternative to original paving without compromising on the look. 

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