We know choosing the right paving can be confusing, with all the possible treatments, finishes & edges available, it can be hard to know which to choose. This quick guide helps to explain the various product finishes available.

Finishes & Edges

Sawn Edge

Sawn edge or Straight edge paving is created by using a machine to saw the edges of paving to create a clean, straight edge.

Hand Cut

A Hand Cut finish is a traditional way of finishing natural stone into paving flagstones. By using a chisel to cut the edges, a riven and natural finish is achieved.


An Antique or Tumbled finish is created by tumbling a Hand Cut Flagstone in a machine with small stones to smooth the edges and create a worn, antique feel.


Brushed stone has a time-worn appearance as opposed to looking freshly cut, due to being brushed with hard brushes. Perfect for creating a simple aged look.


A Honed finish gives the stone a smooth and polished surface by grinding down the surface of the stone until flat, creating a clean and contemporary feel.

Shot Blast

By taking a Honed flagstone and peppering it with high-velocity steel beads you are left with a stippled surface that creates a unique texture and feel to your paving.

If you are still unsure of what finishes & edges you would like, order a sample online or visit one of our many UK display centres to see and touch the choices available in person.