Green Earth Landscaping have kindly shared a recent project with us. Together with a garden designer and the customer's input, they have created a garden full of character and charm. Turning a grassy back garden into a beautifully landscaped and functional patio area featuring a curved design with cobbled detailing. They chose our Oxford Courtyard Flagstones and Oxford Courtyard Cobbles for an instantly matured and weathered look.

The existing area was originally a large grass bank which came level with the back of our customers house. The design brief was to create a large, patio area where the family could dine, relax and entertain outside.Plans were drawn up by a designer. The customer had chose the Oxford courtyard flagstone and cobbled edging block by Westminster stone, which would add character and charm to the property. 

Dan @ Green Earth Landscaping
before images of back garden

Curved designs with cobbled details, like the one featured here, create a unique and inviting outdoor space that adds character to your property. The Oxford Courtyard Flagstones and Cobbles used in this project offer a timeless aesthetic that matures beautifully over time.

The Garden Transformation

Oxford Courtyard Flagstones and cobbles
Oxford Courtyard Flagstones
Oxford Courtyard Flagstones and cobbles patio circle in back garden.

Ready to transform your backyard into a functional and stylish retreat? Explore the Oxford Courtyard Collection and our range of stonecast paving, all created from original flagstone masters in a range of colours and finishes.

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About the Author

Sian McHugh

'Sian has been working with us at Westminster Stone for over 5 years and has developed expertise in garden design and landscaping. Her passion for nature extends to tending her own garden, teaching yoga and hiking during her free time.'