Laying slate paving is an excellent way to refresh your outdoor space, whether you prefer a traditional feel or a modern exterior. Available in a range of blacks, blues, silvers and greys, slate paving adds a beautiful touch of colour and offers a low-maintenance paving option to enhance any garden. It’s no wonder that it’s such a popular paving choice throughout the UK! 

At Westminster Stone, we believe in the beauty of natural paving. That’s why we’ve gathered the brilliant benefits that slate paving has to offer. Without further ado, let’s take a look.

History Of Slate

Slate is a natural stone that has been quarried for centuries. Over the years, it’s been used for various purposes, from roof tiles to billiard table tops and as a construction material. Nowadays, it’s one of the most popular outdoor paving options due to its extreme durability and elegant appearance that lends itself to contemporary and traditional designs alike. 

Formed over millions of years from layers of mudstone and volcanic ash that has been exposed to immense pressure and heat, slate is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock that boasts extreme durability and resilience. Due to the foliated alignment of the rock, slate easily splits into thin sheets, making it the perfect material for long-lasting paving stones and patio slabs

The Benefits

Stain & Water Damage Resistant 

One of the most surprising benefits of slate paving is its exceptional resistance to staining and water damage. Often when homeowners lay a new patio, they are surprised by how quickly their beautiful new tiles have stained after a drop of red wine or hot coffee has been spilled. Slate however, will not disappoint. Its impervious nature ensures that spillages will not be absorbed and are simply washed away by the inevitable Great British downpours. Our characteristic wet weather will not impact the appearance or functionality of slate paving, making it an extremely popular choice for homeowners within our British climate. 

Whether you love entertaining guests or relaxing in your outdoor space, slate is an excellent choice for those who want a low-maintenance patio area. Due to slate’s low-absorption index, it’s almost waterproof. Making it perfect for use around swimming pools, water features and in outdoor entertainment areas where spillages are more than likely! 

Rich In Colour 

Slate is naturally rich in colour and provides welcome splashes of various hues ranging from blue, black, silver and grey, which are brilliant for enlivening outdoor spaces. Whilst slate paving stones can oxidise over time, causing subtle colour changes, it will retain its rich colour for many years to come. 

We absolutely love the striking appearance of our Blue Black Slate Setts against white-beige flagstones for a contemporary exterior with a traditional twist. Whilst our rustic Amazon Carnival Slate Paving exudes character and will add charm to any space it’s situated within. 

Excellent Longevity

Due to the outstanding technical properties of slate, it can last over one hundred years when properly cared for. One of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing slate paving is the thickness of the slabs themselves. At Westminster Stone, our slate paving stones range from 20mm-22mm in thickness, making them extremely durable, hardwearing and likely to last a lifetime. 

The key to creating a long-lasting paving area is to ensure that the slate slabs are laid accurately and precisely whilst adhering to best practices. If you need a helping hand in terms of laying your paving, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. 

Elegant Appearance

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting your perfect paving stones is the appearance and style you’re hoping to achieve within your outdoor setting. The beauty of slate is that it is extremely versatile. Whether you’re looking to enhance your modern, minimalist lifestyle or embrace your traditional, country cottage, slate will blend beautifully within your unique space. 

Additionally, as slate is resistant to cracks, chips, breaks and scratches, your paving will look as good as new, for many years to come.  

Slate pathway in English country garden

Indoor-Outdoor Living 

Slate can also be used to create seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces that you can enjoy all year round. Our slate paving slabs are available in reduced thicknesses for interior use and help to create beautiful and contemporary kitchen-dining areas and conservatories alike. 

When pairing your interior slate flooring with matte black accents and lots of natural light, you can achieve a seamless indoor-outdoor space that leads you effortlessly to your garden sanctuary. Whilst pairing slate with rustic farmhouse tables, oak beams and country-style kitchens will ensure your home oozes character and charm. 

Non-Slip Properties - Is slate paving slippery?

As slate is a natural stone with a softly riven texture, it has inherent anti-slip properties, making it perfect for outdoor spaces prone to getting wet. Its impervious surface ensures that it will not be affected by moisture and will in turn, not freeze during the winter. 

In order to enhance slate’s natural non-slip benefits, we recommend sealing your outdoor paving to protect the finish, ensure its longevity and increase the anti-slip properties of your paving slabs during wet weather. Sealing your slate paving will also enhance the natural colour of the stone and create a subtle sheen that you will love for many years. 

Slate is a brilliant choice for your outdoor paving project. Whether you’re creating a garden pathway, patio entertainment area or paving your driveway, we’ve got a beautiful range of slate paving stones to suit your unique preferences. You can browse our entire collection of high-quality slate paving slabs here

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