With Pantone choosing Ultimate Grey as the colour of the year for 2021, it’s clear that the all-grey-everything trend is not going anywhere, anytime soon. With that in mind, we take a look at some of the best modern paving ideas for grey and black slabs.

1. All Grey Everything 

If you’re a lover of all things grey, you’ll love this idea. Complement your grey paving by painting fences in a matching colour or incorporate various tones of grey into your furniture and furnishings for an ultra-modern look.  We love how our Eltham porcelain paving slabs are styled below with grey outdoor sofas, cushions and a grey marble table top to tie everything together. Using a variety of grey tones creates depth and also adds a chic feel to your outdoor space. Our friends at Textile Express gave us some great ideas for outdoor fabric thas perfect to pair with our paving

2. Go Colourful With Paint 

For a youthful and modern look, create striking contrast by pairing your grey or black paving stones with bright and colourful paintwork. 

Pairing a light grey patio with vibrant yellow accents can really enliven your garden and provide a touch of positivity to your space. Whilst pairing dark slate paving with muted colours such as sage green will cultivate a more elegant and relaxed atmosphere.

3. Bring The Outdoors In 

Bringing the outdoors in is one of the biggest trends of the twenties. Creating a seamless living space from your garden to your living area not only provides a calming influence but also provides a fantastic place for socialising during the summer months. 

A great way to achieve this modern look is to use light grey porcelain paving which complements both gardens and interior living spaces alike. The natural stone grey colour provides a contemporary feel when paired with black and white accents for a monochrome look. 

Contemporary monochrome kitchen with bi-fold doors
Image credit: Steven Ungermann

4. Create Architectural Sharp Lines

Create a modern focal point in your garden by using decorative gravel between paving stones for a sleek and sharp look. Creating architectural lines with your paving stones will contrast with the texture and irregularity of plants and trees in your garden and result in a harmonious and balanced look. 

We love the contrasting use of light gravel with our Queensclife black porcelain tiles to create an elegant, bold look perfect for a modern home. 

5. Go Two-Tone

Creating a two-tone patio area that mimics the look of a rug is a creative and unique way to make the most of your garden paving. If you choose two different tones of grey paving, you can create subtle zones within your patio area. Why not lay them underneath your dining table for an elegant centre-point when entertaining guests?

Another great way to go two-tone is to use a more vibrant stone that contrasts with your other patio slabs. We love this example which uses our blue black slate setts to create different zones within the paving area. The light grey against the midnight blue-black creates an elegant feel whilst also providing a functional element of zoning the space. 

6. Embrace Country Charm

If you’re more into the country cottage feel, we love the subtle and natural colour variation in our castle blend cobbles which provide authentic charm. Allowing lush green grass to naturally grow in the gaps between paving stones provides a welcome pop of colour to a patio or pathway whilst also creating an informal and welcoming atmosphere to your home. 

7. Go Wild With Garden Edging 

Garden edging can be a lifesaver when it comes to refreshing the look and feel of your garden. Pairing light grey paving stones with black victorian rope edging creates a lovely contrast that will make your patio space stand out. If you prefer a more traditional look, our intricate Cheshire patio edging will complement grey paving whilst adding an element of country charm. 

8. Make Your Plants Pop 

Incorporating dark paving stones will instantly transform your garden. Slate greys, amazon blacks and blue-blacks are a fantastic way to make your plants, trees and flowers truly pop. 

We love how these palm plants really shine against our Amazon Black Slate paving slabs for a really urban and modern feel. 

9. Cobblestone Chic 

Cobblestones are not just for historic towns anymore! They also make beautiful pathways and patios and provide a touch of chic to any outdoor space. Laying cobblestones in curved formations to mimic the landscape creates an ultra calming and natural feel. Our Arctic Ice Granite Cobbles look beautiful against the various tones of lush greenery. 

If you love the look of cobbles, why not interlace paving slabs with cobbles for a modern look with a touch of country charm?

grey, charcoal and black square iles in a checkerboard style garden path.
Image Credit:
@centralhomesupp Pinterest

10. Checkerboard Style

If you want to create an impact in your garden and you’re not afraid of going bold, then the checkerboard trend is for you! Create a checkerboard style by clashing light grey paving slabs with charcoal or black slabs for a statement look. 

Check out our socials for some great outdoor fabric ideas that are perfect for pairing with our grey and black paving from our friends at Textile Express.

You can explore our entire collection of grey and black outdoor paving right here.