A new decade is upon us and it’s the perfect time to make good on those New Year resolutions. If one of them is how to transform a living space, then a great place to start for maximum impact is by introducing new interior stone flooring

New flagstones are a wonderful way to transform a space and give any room a new look that is both stylish and functional. With so many different styles & designs to choose from, finding the perfect floor can often seem a little daunting. Here's our guide on how to find the best flagstones for you and your living spaces.

Pro Tip - Starting Points

Simply choose a starting point for your new interior design, most of our customers tend to choose from either color, style, function or material.

Helping to whittle down initial search results makes everything a little less overwhelming and much easier to find the right product quickly.

1. Colour

Colour is a great place to start, especially if you are not sure what material you would like to use. Darker flooring can help to create a real contrast and statement while lighter flooring often accents an existing design.

Contemplate what you would like to achieve from the space you're transforming. Do you want it to be light and airy with a more neutral palette or something more edgy with charcoals and grey tones?

2. Style

Flagstones can really help accent a rustic or modern living space. The two main styles to choose from are traditional or contemporary. The main differences between the two being colour and finish.

More traditional, vintage slabs will have an aged & textured finish, often hand cut with a more neutral colour palette. Whereas the more contemporary tiles will feature clean lines, flawless finishes and a spectrum of colours.

Tile style can play a key role in creating that farmhouse chic kitchen or an industrial living room. It’s also an important factor when renovating listed or period properties which may need stone in keeping with the area.

3. Function

If you have a special requirement then this should be your starting point. It is important that your floor aids your lifestyle.

Perhaps you need a non slip tile for a wet area or frost proof slabs for a garden patio? If this is the case then Porcelain and natural stone would be suitable categories to begin looking.

4. Material

You may already have your heart set on a particular material such as limestone, welsh slate, a sleek porcelain or a rustic yorkstone. If so, you can often choose from different cuts and finish options.

Hand cut gives a more rustic appearance while the sawn edge has a more contemporary feel. A honed finish will provide a sleek modern tile while an aged finish will provide character and texture.

And if all else fails...

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