Stone floors are starting to attract more and more homeowners. With many opting for stone floors in their living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and hallways. The durability of natural stone and the choice of colour hues make it flexible to the needs of any architectural renovations, whether conventional or contemporary.

Stone flooring can be rustic, rough, polished or smooth to blend with many different decorating styles. With so many different finishes and colour hues to chose from - it is key to pick out the right soft furnishings and upholstery fabric to compliment the floor. Here are three design ideas to style a traditional room with a stone floor:

1. Coastal Chic

Coastal chic will suit you if your dream décor is the casual and breezy theme of a beach residence. Stone floorings match the decoration style for a beachside retreat since tiles present themselves in colours that resemble the rock jetties and seashore.

The sand-coloured tones of travertine, marble, or limestone work well with simple chairs and pastel upholstery fabrics that are overstuffed. This matched with a vibrant, yet natural-style flooring provides the feeling of  an Atlantic beach. 

Use black and grey stone flooring with blue upholstery fabrics or nautical prints to add character and depth to beach-themed rooms, giving more of a Pacific Coast charm.

2. Transitional Style

Transitional Style walks a thin line between traditional and contemporary. This style takes on a less fussy approach while retaining old-school country charm in an updated British country appeal. Stone flooring fits the transitional look very well because the stone provides a classic appearance without fuss or nostalgia.

Select stone flooring to blend with the features of the room such as a stacked stone wall or a stone fireplace in an ancient country residence . Stone in sandy hues, whites, and greys provide the space with an appealing footing while simple fabrics and furnishing retain a classic but modern finish.


3. Urban Rustic

Urban home décor is evolving from metal and concrete to natural textures and materials. Clean lines are for furniture and cabinets but flooring and upholstery fabrics are now being picked for personality and warmth.

Light grey, white marble and travertine tiles create an elegant floor surface all over an urban rustic residence. The organic materials and bright paint combination gives rooms a clean vibe with warmth, without being dull.

Stone tiles in limestone and sandstone have more personality because of the materials’ textures and finishes. Limestone and sandstone flooring provide that unique look that can really make your modern furnishings pop while creating a really cozy space.

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Guest blog written by Jenny from The Yorkshire Fabric Shop

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