After 2 years of no trade shows, we had two at once! This autumn we attended both Landscape at the NEC Birmingham and Futurescape at London ExCel. We had a great time meeting everyone and discussing and showcasing our products and new trade customer scheme. See our review below to find out how we got on.

Review of Landscape 2021

Landscape 2021 had a new venue this year at the NEC in Birmingham. Footfall was less than Futurescape but we had a fantastic time meeting new people and discussing our new trade customer scheme. The seminars were interesting, particularly the 'Women in Stone' launch and this is something we will be getting fully involved with next year.

Everyone seemed quite excited to be having a day out and keen to find out what's new in the industry with a super friendly vibe throughout. We had some lovely positive feedback about our stand and the coffee went down a treat. The Paving Expert, Tony McCormack wrote the following in his review of the show:

One of the greatest joys of any hard-landscaping show was turning a corner and espying the unchallengeable class of the display by Westminster Stone. Never the biggest manufacturer or supplier, but they could do amazing things with a budget one-twentieth of that available to others. At one point, their lead designer even found himself being ‘poached’ by one of the very big boys, yet Westminster Stone plodded on and are now spearheaded by the third Clifford generation to maintain the family honour and tradition.

This stand of 2021 may not have aspired to the lofty heights of yesteryear but, as simple as it was, it said ten times more about what the company does than practically any other stand at the show. Simple, clean, effective, eye-catching, obviously low-cost but never, ever cheap. If I was still doing awards for Best Stand in Show, it would once again reside Chez Clifford.

Westminster Stone have stood by their real passion, wet cast concrete paving, while others lost their nerve and threw their lot in with the race to the bottom involving imported sandstone. Now, as interest and understanding of the unique benefits of wet cast concrete are once again attracting attention, they are superbly placed to capitalise on the resurgence in interest. Much of that has to be attributed to the shrewdest bit of business they ever did: acquiring the rights to manufacture and distribute the National Trust range of reproduction flagstones.

Gorgeous stand, lovely people, quality products. That sort of sums it all up rather succinctly.

Review by Tony McCormack

Review of Futurescape 2021

Futurescape saw over 185 exhibitors, 100 guest speakers and 5000 visitors. The show offered informative seminars and live debates full of practical business advice and a chance to connect, share and collaborate. A must-visit for landscapers, garden designers and grounds maintenance workers – from start-ups, small and growing businesses to large organisations and practices.

Futurescape 2021 was buzzing, with lots of footfall and much bigger trade stands. Featuring huge stands from Talasey, Grillo and some of the landscape machinery companies. The vibe was fast-paced and frenetic with lots to see and explore. The seminars were fantastic and covered a wide range of topics that attracted large crowds each time.

We were particularly interested in the topics on eco and sustainability, with a specific interest in planting trees, rewilding and creating wildflower beds. One of our company aims for the new year is to look into our carbon footprint and work with local businesses to get involved with rewilding and planting native trees. Find out about our current eco/sustainability policies and aims going forward here.

We would like to thank everyone we met at the shows for their time and we cannot wait to return next year bigger and better. For more information on each show see our individual blogs which will be updated yearly.

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