Old Stone Cottage is a beautiful 17th-century former smallholding in Shropshire. Constructed using traditional oak framing and local sandstone. Our customer Deb chose Hidcote Flagstones to complement her new extension and has shared her journey with us below...

Design Brief

The brief for this renovation at Old Stone Cottage was to replace an existing wood and glass lean-to with a larger, triple-glazed, garden room with insulated roof and underfloor heating. We also planned to knock through parts of the stone wall to the back of the cottage so that we could access the new garden room from both the living room and kitchen to create a much better flow to the downstairs living space. We planned for the new room to be big enough for both a dining area as well as a small informal sitting/TV area.

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Project Information

On an earlier project in the house, we were looking for some flagstones for an inglenook fireplace that we were restoring and came across Westminster Stone. Being local to us, we decided to investigate options for the hearth. We found the National Trust Hidcote Flagstones from the Cotswold Manor range and were able to go away with the slabs there and then. They fitted beautifully in place and really set the fireplace off as a feature.

Old Stone Cottage itself is a 17th Century former smallholding. It was constructed using traditional oak framing and local sandstone. We were keen to make the extension oak framed to match the original palette of materials. When we were excavating the old kitchen floor for the underfloor heating, we unearthed the original sandstone flags from when the cottage was first built.

As you can imagine, they were very worn and the majority had unfortunately crumbled. However this lead to us deciding to replicate a traditional flagstone look in the finished room. As we had already bought the Westminster stone flags for our hearth, we thought they’d be ideal for the extension floor. It would also link nicely to the flagstone patio which was already outside.

The tones of the Hidcote flags matched the internal sandstone walls perfectly. Unfortunately, the flags that we had used for the hearth were too thick for the extension, but we were thrilled to find out Westminster could produce our order in a reduced 25mm thickness with fast delivery.

The Westminster flags ticked a lot of boxes for us. They suited the property, they had great durability (dogs and children!), they could be used with underfloor heating, and they could be produced in a reduced 25mm thickness for interior stone floors. Another benefit was that we could order more for other rooms at a later stage and be guaranteed the colour would be the same. Where as limestone tiles, for example, change quarries and you may not be able to match the original tile colour.

We are really happy with the overall result and finish of the room. We plan to use Westminster Stone again for our future projects, including a circular brick patio we are laying where we’d like to incorporate a granary millstone as the centre.

Deb's story showcases how Hidcote Flagstones can seamlessly blend old and new, creating a cohesive and timeless aesthetic. Their versatility makes them a perfect choice for renovations and extensions, adding a touch of history and character to any space.

Are you planning a renovation that respects the character of your historic home? Explore the possibilities of Hidcote Flagstones and see how they can elevate your space...

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Hidcote Flagstone Flooring

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Sian McHugh

'Sian has been working with us at Westminster Stone for over 5 years and has developed expertise in garden design and landscaping. Her passion for nature extends to tending her own garden, teaching yoga and hiking during her free time.'