Grey bathrooms continue to rise in popularity. In this article, we explore the latest trends and ideas!

Grey tiles have long been a popular choice when it comes to bathrooms. In colour psychology, grey is said to represent balance and neutrality, so it’s no wonder that it works so well in a space designed for relaxation and tranquillity. We’ve collated our favourite grey bathroom trends to help you create the relaxing oasis of your dreams! 

Embrace Natural Stone  

A trend that we’ve seen growing over the years is the use of natural materials within bathrooms. As society becomes more aware of connecting with nature and more engaged with self-care and mindfulness, it’s only natural that we see this trend breaking through. 

Our bathrooms are increasingly used as places of solitude and relaxation so by incorporating natural materials such as limestone and slate, we can create a connection to nature whilst also creating an elegant looking bathroom. 

Keep it Minimal

Let your tiles breathe by keeping the rest of your bathroom minimal. Using the same tiles across both your bathroom floor and walls creates a seamless look that feels very relaxing and indulgent.

Our Blenheim porcelain tiles lend themselves well to the minimal trend due to their neutral grey colour that has warm undertones, creating a cosy but sophisticated space. 

Grey stone tile mood board with fabric swatches

Use a Variety of Shades

Pair grey floor tiles with various different shades across your bathroom walls, fixtures and furnishings to add depth and character to your space. 

If you decide to go for dark grey-black floor tiles, why not consider a light grey colour for the walls with accents of matte black for the fixtures and fittings for a striking look. If you prefer a more subtle appearance, pairing a light grey flooring with white walls and fixtures for a more fresh and airy feel to your bathroom. 

Add a Pop of Colour 

Adding a pop of colour can make your bathroom floor tiles really stand out! 

When choosing a wall colour, look for something that reflects the undertones in the tile you’ve chosen for a truly harmonious feel. We love this example of pairing grey floor tiles with a muted blue-grey wall colour, tied together perfectly with black accents in fixtures and accessories.

Blue-grey bathroom with grey stone floor tiles
Image credit: Sanibell BV

Wall Panelling 

Balancing texture is extremely important to avoid your bathroom looking flat and outdated. In recent years, traditional wall panelling is making a comeback in bathrooms due to its elegant feel and practical nature. Incorporating grey wall panelling to compliment your floor tiles will create a bathroom with a sophisticated and luxurious feel. 

The example below demonstrates how this trend can look stunning when executed well. The contrast between the texture of natural stone floor tiles and vertical lines created by the panelling will make your bathroom ooze elegance and sophistication. 

 Grey wall panelling in bathroom
Image credit: Dan Smedley 

Let the Light in

Ensuring your bathroom allows light to flood in is a great way to make the most of your stone tiles. We love the way the light reflects off our Richmond York porcelain tiles and bounces around the room to create a positive and uplifting atmosphere. 

Bring the Outdoors in

Adding plants to any interior space is sure to provide additional colour and texture, but did you know that plants work particularly well against grey bathroom tiles?

There is something so beautiful about the way hanging plants create depth within a bathroom setting. Not only do they look great, they also provide an element of calm, a connection to nature and health benefits. Plants aid in absorbing excess moisture and also purify the air so you can truly relax, knowing your bathroom tiles are safe and sound. 

Marble shower with hanging plants
Image credit: Curology

Go Monochrome 

Black and white is a timeless colour combination that has been growing in popularity for bathrooms in recent years. Our stunning range of black floor tiles work perfectly for this trend and are beautifully complimented by white walls to allow the tiles to truly speak for themselves. Adding matte black fixtures such as taps and other accessories will tie everything together to create a modern and chic look. 

Black tap and white sink in monochrome bathroom


We hope you enjoyed our selection of grey bathroom tile trends! For more ideas, head to our inspiration page.