Rachel has kindly shared her journey to finding the perfect stone floor, our Hidcote Flooring for her 15th century stone cottage dining room...

We have lived in our 15th-century cottage in Kent for two and a half years. When we purchased the cottage, we knew it was a big responsibility and wanted to do the building justice! The building is made of red brick and timber. 

When we moved in during October 2018, the floor was one of the first things we did. We chose wood originally; mainly because I felt it was the easier option. Sadly, in December 2020, we experienced torrential rain and our dining room flooded. It was time to explore suitable flooring for our home.

The process was long and drawn out, mainly due to the fact that I knew I didn’t want modern or straight lines as everything in this house is wonky but at the same time, it needed to prevent a flood again (water rose from underground pushing the wooden slats up; the force of water is not to be messed with). It has taken many months of carefully searching - four to be exact and after about fifty samples received, I’m not kidding you!

Hidcote Flooring

My Dad (who knew exactly what I was after) found Westminster Stone online and yes I’d found our floor! Immediately, I rang them and they were so helpful and offered to send a sample of their Hidcote Flooring. Unlike many companies, they sent a lovely size stone to get the real effect. It arrived quickly and straight away I knew we’d found the right floor. 

My husband and I installed the floor; we are amateurs so we took our time but the result is outstanding. So many family members have commented on how beautiful it is. A job well done! 

Westminster Stone would like to extend thanks to Rachel and her family for sharing their journey and photos of their beautiful dining room.

At Westminster Stone, we pride ourselves on our range of traditional flagstones, moulded from hand-sourced originals. Each tile is lovingly reproduced from centuries past and can provide a great alternative to costly and hard to source originals for listed and period buildings. For more inspiring case studies and customer images, please click below: