Now that we are heading into the winter months, it’s time to make sure the garden is ready to withstand the cold  . What better way to spend your time than outside in the fresh air - tending to your garden? Though winter is a time for rest there is still plenty that can be done to ensure the garden stays tidy, safe and prepped from spring.

Winter Wellbeing

Gardening has long been known to be highly beneficial for mental health and wellbeing. If you are feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. An hour outside doing something mindful in the garden could make a huge difference. Whether it’s weeding, raking, looking after your greenhouse or prepping to grow your own. It all feeds our overall well-being. Here are our top winter gardening jobs to get you outside and ready for spring.

Insulate your plants, trees and shrubs

Widespread, overnight frosts are common during the winter months. If it’s not practical to lift pots and put them somewhere safe overwinter then take the following steps to protect them.

Insulating and protecting the trees and shrubs of your garden, is most effective at the first sign of frost - so keep an eye on the forecast. Use materials like bracken, hessian, fleece, polystyrene or straw to help keep your plants healthy until spring. But, again, watch the forecast and remove your insulation if it looks like it’s going to be mild for an extended period. Keeping on top of weather conditions and acting accordingly will provide longevity to the greenery of your garden.

Prepare for Spring Crops & Blooms

1. In your flower garden, prune your roses to protect them from windrock and remove any fallen leaves you find around the base. This will help to keep them healthy into next year.

2. If there is any yellowing foliage on herbaceous perennials - cut this back. It's the last chance to start planting tulip bulbs in your borders while the cold prevails. Make sure they’re covered properly with at least twice the depth of compost or soil. These early blooming plants will provide a lovely pop of colour in your garden. Start planting sweet peas, Begonias and Geraniums in the greenhouse ready for spring / early summer blooms. 

3. For your fruit and vegetable garden, Raspberries and Blueberries can be planted outside straight away. While for an early summer harvest of strawberries -grow under the cold frames for now.  Plant onions and garlic in raised beds or soil and then cover them up with fleece. In the greenhouse or indoors on the windowsill, start planting your favourite herbs, salad leaves and spring onions. Potatoes can also be planted now in well covered containers for an early crop, try 'Charlotte' potatoes for spring salads. 

4. Protect beans and winter peas, but leave them with good ventilation, helping keep them nice and healthy. Cover brassicas with netting to protect them from hungry birds.

5. Lastly, keep bird feeders clean and well stocked. Ensuring the birds are well fed and distracted from other delights in the garden.

Garden revamp

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Useful Winter Gardening Job Video

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