Jenny and Tom from the Laundry Retreat are avid gardeners and have been developing their gardens since 2009. Inheriting approximately 3 acres of tired and overgrown gardens, they started from scratch to create an idyllic space full of charm and beauty. They have been loyal customers and have kindly shared their beautiful paving design at The Laundry Retreat with us using our Weathered York Flagstones and Jacobean Brick Pavers to create a striking path through their Lime Avenue and a surround for their fabulous dragon sculpture.

The Brief

The brief was to ‘make sense’ of the area in question.  That was to give the area where the dragon is a sense of purpose and drama and provide reasonably scaled paths both to the dragon and any features or points of interest within the garden space.

The house was the old Laundry and Dairy (they made butter here) to the Hall. It is situated about 10m from the Hall and was built in around 1770. Many alterations and additions to the estate were made at this time, and the Walled garden was also built around this time. Our immediate garden spaces would have likely been once cobbled drying areas for the laundry. The dragon (by sculptor Ben Broadbent) was installed in 2012, but we never felt we gave it enough justice, in that its surroundings, and the path leading to it, were harsh (gravel) and unfinished…without a clear design.

Lime Avenue Before Photos

The Design

Having had a chance to work with Westminster stone, it was clear that a stone circle would work really well around the dragon, and that a 3ft paver width with brick edges provided just the width needed for two people to stroll together down the path, or in Toms case, a machine! The paths follow desire lines already well used in the last ten years, with a slightly wider section in front of Jenny’s flower shed. The circle has a brick surround to define its edge. We have not over-used the brick surround detail, as we did not want an ‘over-designed’ feel, and have included some cobbles from the yards around to add authenticity and texture. The Dragon now has some fiery red and orange planting, which will come into it’s own over the next couple of years. Next, we are going to lay turf either side of the path between the limes. This helps to soften the whole area (which was gravel), and again, add texture and colour.

Lime Avenue During Photos

Products Used

We have used Westminster stone before to great effect, where their terracotta tiles added authenticity to our old greenhouse floor. We had no hesitation in using Westminster stone this time, due to their personal service and level of knowledge. Weathered yorkstone is the ideal choice, as it is similar to some yorkstone paving that we already have on our house terrace. We have the long term view that it will age perfectly to blend with its surroundings and nearby stone features.

Jacobean brick pavers are the perfect choice for the edges, as we already have aged brick both as part of the house and within the garden. The bricks are used to provide a generous additional width to the path, while outlining the shapes and lines that the path strikes. Jacobean brick’s attributes are authenticity and rustic character…and for us form the perfect partner to Weathered York flagstones.

Delivery information is spot-on and friendly. If we needed more product (quantity surveying never been our strong point!) that wasn’t a problem either.

Lime Avenue After Photos

Jenny and Tom's dedication to their garden at The Laundry Retreat is truly inspiring. Through careful planning and the use of high-quality materials like Weathered York Flagstones and Jacobean Brick Pavers from Westminster Stone, they've transformed a neglected area into a stunning focal point. The new path and stone circle surrounding the dragon sculpture create a sense of drama and purpose, while the natural materials blend seamlessly with the existing landscape.pen_spark

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