Yorkstone Paving Slabs

Meticulously crafted from beautiful hand selected York flagstone masters, Westminster Stone’s Yorkstone Flags combine timeless elegance & style.


Weathered York Stone

Create a stylish traditional patio or terrace using authentic Westminster Stone Weathered York Flagstones, paving slabs with style, heritage and character.


Yorkshire Street Flagstones

Magnificent reproduction old Yorkshire Street flags with the warmth of subtle green/grey hues, that add an incomparable charm and maturity to any environment.


Old Cotswold Flagstones

Wonderful Old Cotswold Paving flagstones from the Heart of England, rich in character and old-world charm for beautiful garden settings and also interior floors.


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Yorkstone Paving Information

Managing Director, John Clifford, is the creator and mould master, making flagstone and tile moulds and masters in our own R&D and moulding facility for over 30 years. There’s no skimping on the materials used, producing unrivalled results.

The process starts with the sourcing of the very best Yorkstone originals, and then we put our 30 years of experience as market leaders to the test, by manufacturing the very best moulds, acknowledged by those ‘in the know’ as World leading, and virtually indistinguishable from the originals that they emulate. In fact, after Westminster Stone and National Trust Paving flags have been laid for a couple of years, even an expert would struggle to tell them apart from originals.

Real Yorkstone is is in short supply; particularly real reclaimed Yorkstone, and because of that, it’s expensive. Good quality genuine Yorkstone will cost £80 – £120 per m2 with the vat. Generally speaking, the thinner and more consistent the natural stone, the more expensive you should expect if to be to buy.

Because real Yorkstone whether newly quarried, or reclaimed, varies considerably in thickness, the cost of laying is also very much higher. Handling is more difficult because of the weight, and the thicker the flag, the more ground preparation is required. Expect it to cost three times the price to lay some Yorkstone flags than our excellent hand made reproduction paving.

We’ve also done the sourcing for you – we only reproduce patterns and character that you will like, whereas with real Yorkstone you may have a lot of wastage. There are dozens and dozens of different patterns and faces in each of the Westminster Stone & National Trust Paving ranges, adding to the authenticity, and offering a distinct difference to our competitors at Bradstone, Marshalls and Stonemarket.

The beauty of Yorkstone is that it can be used diversely, complimenting and supporting any theme of room. Whether that’s a traditional and aged look and feel or if it’s a contemporary and modern décor, Yorkstone have the ability to add character and uniqueness to any setting.

The Westminster Stone colour is more consistent too, (though we do use several tones of a colour to create a a subtle natural effect, but it is within tolerances). That’s very important if you want to extend a patio at a later date. Our hand made replica paving is of consistent thickness, (40mm) making them more cost effective and easy to lay.

They can also be made to a thinner spec of 25mm at no extra cost when there is limited height when using the flags as an internal stone flooring material, or when light weight paving flags are needed, such as on suspended timber floors, or on balconies or roof terraces. Real Yorkstone can vary in thickness from 30mm up 150mm making them difficult to handle. Westminster Stone has also developed a unique paving anchor system that improves the curing performance, eliminates all shrinkage cracking, and aids stability once laid.

There’s a huge difference between our award winning reproduction flagstones and your average concrete patio flags, but not as much difference between ours and the natural stone originals we replicate. That’s why Westminster Stone were selected in 2011 by the National Trust to be the sole manufacturers of their authentic flagstones.