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Natural Warmth

Our range of brown, tan, gold and green indoor floor tiles, allow you to add warmth to your interior space without overpowering your room.

Balance brown natural stone flooring with white walls and light-colour soft furnishings to avoid your room looking too dark and cramped. Always ensure the undertone of your wall paint matches the undertone of your flooring to avoid clashes and friction within your space. This will ensure a tranquil and calming space that you’ll love coming home to, for years to come.

For a more traditional look, our brown floor tiles look beautiful against exposed brick walls or in characterful rooms that embrace exposed beams and original period features. Embrace the rustic charm with Chelsea Gold Flooring or Yorkshire Street Flooring for an authentic appearance.

Extremely durable, resistant to wear and tear and heavy traffic, whether you choose a porcelain, limestone, sandstone or even oak-effect indoor floor tile, you know you’re in safe hands.