Capture the essence of Provence with our comprehensive range of reproduction Terracotta Tiles, Paving Slabs and Features in two natural terracotta shades – Old Terracotta, with rich warm terracotta browns and mellow buff hues, or Honey Straw, with neutral buffs and creams and just a hint of terracotta showing through. Both are simply stunning either paved in gardens or for interiors.

Close your eyes and think of Provence…. glowing amber hillsides, the soft purple hues of lavender fields, the terrace from which you enjoyed that view. These beautiful Terracotta tiles will introduce a taste of Provencal living to your garden or home with their natural warmth and character.

Westminster Stone provide what we believe to be the most comprehensive range of reproduction Reclaimed Antique Terracotta Tiles from any one manufacturer. Capturing the essence of Provence in square, rectangular, octagonal, lozenge and diamond shapes in two natural terracotta colour hues, offering more design potential from antique materials than could ever be dreamed possible.

We are particularly proud of our Old Provence 16.5″ large square tile. This dimension is quite exceptional, and we believe can only be found at Westminster Stone. When applied in traditional fashion, indoors or out, these wonderful tiles transform their environment to create a mellowed, mature warmth. Whilst the name hints at Mediterranean courtyard paving, these tiles are equally at home in a traditional cottage or country garden, as the patina and colour have a certain quarry tile or farmhouse pammet feel to them.