Westminster Stone are a main stockist and distributor for both Pavestone, and Bekstone, and deliver Nationwide throughout the UK on specialist crane, forklift and tail lift vehicles.

With daily daily deliveries throughout Shropshire, Cheshire and North Wales, and twice weekly deliveries throughout the Wst Midlands and The Cotswolds Westminster Stone offer the largest range of landscape supplies in the Region.

With excellent paving display centres in Cheshire, North & Mid Wales, Shropshire, Staffordshire and The Cotswolds, it’s easy to order Pavestone natural stone, porcelain and man made concrete products from Westminster Stone, for delivery to your door.

Pavestone selects quality natural stone paving from around the world to bring the highest quality stone paving materials to your home and garden. Suitable for outdoors and in, with many products suitable for swimming pools and driveways.

Desert Sand Patio Circle | Westminster Stone

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Hand crafted natural stone recreates the appeal of time-worn sandstone and limestone flagstones from centuries gone by. The paving features softly rounded corners and a smoother worn riven faces. The range has been created to blend sympathetically with traditional older properties and gardens where the design seeks to provide an established lived in feel.

Whilst we would normally suggest looking at Westminster Stone Flagstones, or National Trust Paving to create a truly authentic traditional British flagstone range, Pavestone’s Tudor Antique Flags are amongst the best Antique Sandstone paving available.

Tudor Antique Priory Sandstone Paving
Tudor Antique Chapel Sandstone Paving
Tudor Antique Denby Limestone Paving
Tudor Antique Cathedral Limestone Paving
Tudor Antique Oxford Sandstone Paving

Tudor Antique paving can also be used, to great effect, as indoor flooring and can create a cosy warm storage heater of heat when combined with under floor heating.

Sandstone and can be processed and cut by stone masons to create a number of finishes that will complement all garden architectures. Sandstone is simply sedimentary rock formed millions of years ago, with each piece of paving showing its unique natural colouring, texture and markings. It combines to form a tapestry of rich hues to transform your garden’s landscape.

Pavestone Light Grey Classic Sandstone Paving
Pavestone Modak Classic Sandstone Paving
Pavestone Buff Classic Sandstone Paving
Pavestone Old Black Classic Sandstone Paving
Pavestone Golden Fossil Classic Sandstone Paving
Pavestone Raj Blend Classic Sandstone Paving
Pavestone Terracotta Classic Sandstone Paving
Pavestone Heather Blend Classic Sandstone Paving
Pavestone Original Raj Green Classic Sandstone Paving

Westminster Stone offer Nationwide delivery of Pavestone paving products.

This attractive sandstone natural paving range gets its name from the key features of the product. The surface of each flagstone is honed and polished to create a smooth silky finish that is most at home in a modern contemporary garden setting. Westminster Stone offer Nationwide delivery of Pavestone paving products.

It is cut in unique 500mm series, and at 20mm thickness, sawn 5 sides and calibrated, it comes in the following stunning finishes:

Pavestone Modena Regal Oasis Honed Sandstone Paving
Pavestone Modena Regal Brazil Honed Sandstone Paving
Pavestone Modena Regal Rainbow Honed Sandstone Paving
Pavestone Modena Regal Summit Honed Sandstone Paving
Pavestone Modena Summit Rustic Honed Sandstone Paving

With warm shades of yellows, browns and golds throughout the surface texture this flagstone in two large rectangular sizes has a rustic charm and charisma. Pavestone Saffron Paving Flagstones’ sawn edges are perfect for close butting, and the range is an excellent choice for ensuring that your patio furniture doesn’t rock. Saffron Tiles (or flagstones, whichever name you prefer to refer to them by), can be used indoors or out, offering the opportunity for a seamless transition between indoors and out.

Whilst you’re on the Westminster Stone website, take a look at the Livingstone Natural Stone range. There are direct equivalents to many products in the Pavestone range if theirs don’t quite fit the bill.

Westminster Stone offer Nationwide delivery of Pavestone paving products.

A contemporary and modern paving tile which has been designed to create a clean and fresh appearance. Pavestone Piazza Paving offers the same strength and integrity as the Pavestone Modena Silk range, but with a lightly textured surface.

Pavestone Piazza paving comes in 4 random sizes, 750x500mm 500x500mm 500x250mm and 250x250mm and in three attractive colour shades.
Pavestone Piazza Cloud
Pavestone Piazza Summit
Pavestone Piazza Oasis

If you would like a quote for Pavestone Piazza Paving, please let us know the quantity required, and the delivery postcode area on the link on this page. Westminster Stone offer Nationwide delivery of Pavestone paving products.

Pavestone’s slate range captures the beauty of a bygone age. It’s a paving or flooring material that is equally at home in a contemporary setting, or a traditional property. It has a lightly riven surface that is ideal for the infirm, and presents a level surface for garden furniture. The deep blue/black colouring found in pavestone Pavestone Midnight Slate, or the rich golden, bronze and copper hues of Pavestone Rusty Slate is a hard wearing and practical surface.

The 900x600mm is a size that very few importers offer, and the larger slate flags make a stunning single size paving or flooring product. Slate circles are also available in the Pavestone Slate range, and 100x100mm Pavestone Blue Black Slate Setts.

Take a look also at the Livingstone range of natural stone within the Westminster Stone website if you can’t find what you’re after at Pavestone.

Limestone is a beautiful and durable paving medium, with a softer appearance than sandstone. Limestone features a variable and soft riven textured finish which is both hard wearing and non slip.

It’s available in 4 random sizes, and is calibrated to 22mm thickness.

Pavestone Limestone is available in three different colours:-
Pavestone Abbey Limestone
Pavestone Black Kadapha Limestone
Pavestone Kota Blue Limestone

Do please note that Pavestone Black Kadapha Limestone particularly can fade over time, as the lime particles leach from the surface. The colour can be returned with sealing and the application of a colour enhancer, to resore it to its dark charcoal colour.

The Tudor Antique Cobbles perfectly complement the range of Old Tudor Flagstones, and are suitable for Courtyards and terraces. They are extremely durable, and because of their random sizing, Pavestone Tudor Cobbles are also suitable for driveways.

Pavestone Tudor Denby Cobbles in 11.47 sq mtr Project packs
Pavestone Tudor Priory Cobbles in 11.47 sq mtr Project packs
Pavestone Tudor Denby Oxford in 11.47 sq mtr Project packs

As well as these main ranges of Pavestone products, there’s a whole raft other Pavestone Natural Paving products that we would love to quote you for!

Pavestone Stone Setts in a number of colours and textures
Pavestone Fossil Stone setts
Pavestone Raj Blend Stone Setts
Pavestone Rusty Slate Stone Setts
Pavestone Blue Black Slate Setts