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Malvern Black Porcelain Paving

From Regular Price £44.17 per m2 Our Lowest Price £33.11 per m2 (£39.73 Inc VAT)

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Regular Price £44.17 Our Lowest Price £33.11 per m2
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Malvern Black Porcelain paving and flooring is part of the Westminster Porcelain Spa Collection of stone-effect tiles and creates a bold contemporary appearance to a home or commercial setting.

The range of 20 mm (2 cm) and 10 mm (1cm) rectified porcelain paving tiles feature four classic colour-ways, each chosen for its unique slightly variegated natural detailing. Colouring is always consistent both within each tile, and from tile to tile, a testament to the very latest world-leading manufacturing techniques, and quality control processes of our Italian manufacturing partners. 

The Spa Collection has a naturally non-slip surface which makes them an excellent choice for functional areas of the home or garden.  They are algae and stain-resistant and their low water absorption makes them ideally suited to wet areas such as swimming pool paving surrounds and hot tub terraces, and internally for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

Available in 5 colour shades; Leamington White, with off-white colouring. Ashbourne Beige, with slightly warmer tones. Bath Grey, with cool variegated grey colouring, Cheltenham Sand which has a warm Cotswold hue and Malvern Black with dark black and grey tones. 



Suitability Patio, Path, Balcony, Swimming Pool
Style Contemporary, Timeless
Thickness 20mm (2cm)
Calibrated Yes
Material Porcelain
Edge Finish Sawn / Straight, Rectified
Surface Finish Lightly Textured
Surface Finish Info Lightly Textured - R11 Slip Resistant
Indoor, Outdoor Outdoor


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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of base goes under garden paving stones? How do I lay them myself?

Use a sub-base for your garden paving stones for a strong foundation that promotes drainage. This typically involves two layers:

  • MOT Type 1: This crushed rock layer provides excellent drainage and a solid base.
  • Sharp Sand Bedding: This fine layer helps level the surface and provides a firm base for the stones to sit on.

Laying paving stones requires careful preparation. Here's a simplified breakdown:

  • Excavate: Dig out the soil to the required depth, considering the thickness of your chosen stones and sub-base materials.
  • Edging: Create a border to contain the stones and prevent them from shifting.
  • Sub-Base Prep: Lay and compact the MOT Type 1 and sharp sand layers, as mentioned above.
  • Stone Laying: Start from a straight edge and carefully lay the garden paving stones, ensuring a level and even surface.
  • Stone Cutting (if needed): Use a stone chisel or grinder for any necessary cuts to fit the edges.
  • Jointing: Once the stones are laid, fill the gaps with a suitable jointing material (often sharp sand).

Remember, for complex projects, consulting a professional is recommended. They can assess your garden, recommend the best garden paving stone materials, and ensure a proper installation for a beautiful and long-lasting outcome.

I'm interested in garden paving stones, but I'm unsure what type to choose. What are my options?

Westminster Stone offers a wide variety of garden paving stones to suit any style and budget, including:

  • Flagstones: These Natural Stone Slabs come in various colours, textures, and sizes and add a classic and timeless look to your garden.
  • Porcelain Paving Stones: Available in a range of styles and colours, Porcelain Paving Stones are a popular choice for their durability and affordability.
  • Sandstone Paving: This versatile natural stone offers a warm and earthy aesthetic, perfect for creating a relaxed and inviting patio space.

Visit our Garden Paving Sones section to explore our extensive collection and find the perfect stones to transform your garden.

How do I cut paving stones for my project? What about cleaning them once they're installed?

Cutting paving stones may be necessary for edging or fitting specific areas. We recommend using a stone chisel or grinder for precise cuts. Safety first! Always wear appropriate safety gear, such as eye protection and gloves, when cutting stone.

Cleaning your stone paving regularly helps maintain their beauty and longevity. The cleaning method may vary depending on the material of your stones, but generally, you can use a mixture of warm water and a mild detergent for routine cleaning.

I'm on a budget. Are there affordable paving stone options?

Absolutely! While some natural stone options can be pricier, Westminster Stone offers a variety of budget-friendly paving stones. You can also check out our Sales Page for our biggest current bargains.

What are the benefits of using natural stone paving in my garden?

Natural stone paving like Flagstone and Indian Sandstone offer various benefits. Natural stone is incredibly strong and can withstand harsh weather conditions for many years. It's also unique. Each natural stone slab has its own character and variations in colour and texture, adding a touch of elegance and timeless style to your garden.

A well-designed patio or walkway using natural stone paving stones can enhance the overall aesthetic of your property and potentially increase its value. Natural stone is also a material that can last for generations, reducing the need for replacements compared to some other options.

Do I need to seal my garden paving stones?

Sealing your garden paving stones isn’t always mandatory, but it can offer several advantages. Sealing does help protect your stones from stains caused by spills, dirt, and weather elements, and high-quality sealant can deepen the natural colours of your stones, making them appear richer and more vibrant. Of course, you’ll also spend less time on maintenance, as the sealed surface makes it easier to sweep away dirt and grime, simplifying your upkeep.

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