Green Earth Landscaping have kindly shared a recent project with us. Together with a garden designer and the customer's input, they have created a garden full of character and charm. Turning a grassy back garden into a beautifully landscaped and functional patio area featuring a curved design with cobbled detailing. They chose our Oxford Courtyard Paving and Cobbles for an instantly matured and weathered look.


The existing area was originally a large grass bank which came level with the back of our customers house. The design brief was to create a large, patio area where the family could dine, relax and entertain outside.Plans were drawn up by a designer. The customer had chose the Oxford courtyard flagstone and cobbled edging block by Westminster stone, which would add character and charm to the property. 

Dan @ Green Earth Landscaping


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Oxford Courtyard Flagstones

These beautiful footworn and weathered authentic Stonecast flagstones are reminiscent of those around the Colleges and Courtyards of Oxford.  Their soft buff, cream and grey hues and colouring will add charm and maturity to any country or urban setting.

Oxford Courtyard Cobbles

The subtle and natural colour variation adds to the individuality of Westminster Stone’s  Stonecast Oxford Courtyard Cobbles, each is full of character and old-world charm. These tiles will harmonise sympathetically with other rustic materials and are ideal for traditional pathways, patio terraces or driveways.