Do you already have a conservatory and are considering revamping its interior? Perhaps adding a conservatory to your home is a project that you’re keen to get started on this year? It can be easy to get caught up in deciding what material you should use for your conservatory frame and what type of glazing to choose. But your flooring choice is also important and will have an impact on how comfortable the space is to use all year round. Whatever your position - Could A Stone Floor Be Right For Your Conservatory? 

Heating & Venting

An article for Real Homes highlighted just what you need to consider when it comes to designing the perfect conservatory for year round use. When it comes to flooring, the news provider recommended interior stone flooring. The main reason being that stone flooring is one of the most thermally conductive materials available. Making it suitable for installing underfloor heating.

While you’re unlikely to want any heating in the summer months. If you intend to continue to use your conservatory during the winter months you’ll need some help to keep it at a comfortable temperature. Stone flooring with an underfloor heating system is not only an effective way of keeping your conservatory warm in the winter, but also a flooring choice that will look stylish at any time of the year.

If you want to be able to extend this space in the summer months. Consider using similar stone paving just beyond the conservatory to seamlessly blend the garden with your interior. We have many paving and flooring products that offer a seamless flow, with flagstones available in different thicknesses. 

Real Homes also pointed out that it’s important to consider ventilation alongside heating when you’re choosing a conservatory. Vents are typically installed in the roof. The website noted that there are now products available with rain sensors, as well as vents that can be thermostatically controlled. Ensuring your conservatory always remains at a comfortable temperature.

Lighting Options

For anyone looking at how to embrace outdoor living as we move towards summer. The Resident has shared some top tips for garden design. When it comes to creating the ideal outdoor living space, getting the lighting right is essential. You could consider how to follow the theme of your conservatory lighting out onto the terrace, for instance.

The website suggested thinking of exterior lighting much as you would if you were choosing a fitting for a room in your home. 

“While specialist garden lighting has come on in leaps and bounds, why not approach it the way you would with your interior and invest in a bold design piece?” 

You could even choose a standing light that can be brought outdoors for balmy summer evenings. Keep it in fitting with your conservatory decor to utilise during the winter months too. With so many options open to you when it comes to conservatory design and size, you’ll be able to find something that’s ideal for your home. Allowing you to make the most of this space at any time of the year.

*free images from Pexels