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The Roman Villa Range contains tiles and edgings capturing the Mediterranean essence of mosaics and paving at Romano-British sites across the country.


The Roman Villa Range has principally been inspired by the excavations at Chedworth Roman Villa in Gloucestershire, which are ongoing. The tiles, ‘dog tooth’ effect triangles, edgings and insets are all reminiscent of individual pieces found within these remarkable mosaics at Chedworth.


The Roman Villa Range offers a collection of tiles, edgings and insets to create a variety of exciting and individual paving layouts, complemented by using recycled terracotta brick and tile chippings.

Roman Villa 

The Roman Villa range contains tiles and edgings capturing the essence of the mediterranean landscape. The designs have been inspired by Romano-British mosaics and paving at National Trust sites across the country.The range reflects the warm mellow tones of traditional Cotswold buildings.

Tile Sizes – 420x420mm.

Triangle Sizes – 280x255mm

Edgings & Insets Sizes – 420x140mm (edging) 140x140mm (square)

Chippings Sizes – 10 to 14mm

Products Overview

Chedworth Tiles - These square tiles are based on antique terracotta originals. Available in burnt terracotta and ash black, they can be used to create single tone panels or combined to create a variety of patterns.

Chedworth Triangle These small triangular pavers reflect the mosaic floors found at Chedworth Roman Villa in Gloucestershire. Available in honey and burnt terracotta, they may be combined with the tiles and edgings to form authentic features and panels..

Edgings & Insets The narrow edging tiles in honey-colour and ash black and the small inset squares in ash black, are perfect for use along with the Chedworth tile and triangle to create a variety of mosaic patterns.

Chedworth Chippings - This eco-friendly crushed tile and brick chipping which complements the Roman Villa range can be used in various settings including terraces, borders and pathways..