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National Trust Coastal Cottage Garden Paving Range

The Coastal Cottage range is inspired by over 800 miles of coastline cared for by the National Trust, which encompasses stunning natural stone cliffs, pretty villages and traditional architecture. The products within the range have been specifically chosen for their resistance to the British weather, adding a timeless appeal to cottages and coastal gardens which will weather beautifully over time.

Discover Coastal Cottage Paving:

Branscombe Slate Paving - Inspired by the traditional slate-roofed cottages and rich coloured cliffs that depict this part of the Devon coast. These lovely aged slate flagstones have brown and rust tones which provide warmth and character to any garden setting.

Aged Tintagel Slate Paving - Famous for its links to King Arthur, Tintagel village in Cornwall is rich in history and our beautiful Tintagel Slate paving is inspired by the aged slate paving and paths found in this part of the world. With a subtle distressed and tumbled appearance, Tintagel Slate offers instant character and texture to your garden.

Mill Bay Porcelain Paving - Driftwood & Walnut - Inspired by the unspoiled coastline at Mill Bay, this stunning range of wood effect porcelain paving is available in two natural coastal hues with a driftwood effect surface. Porcelain decking offers a sophisticated and durable alternative to traditional decking. Mill Bay porcelain is R11 slip resistant, ensuring a safe and low-maintenance backdrop for your garden.

Read more about the inspiration behind the National Trust Paving Collection: Coastal Cottage

What makes the National Trust Collection special?

Our premium quality paving products have been chosen by the National Trust for their authenticity and sustainability. When purchasing from our exclusive National Trust Collection you actively participate in preserving our nation's rich heritage. We have currently contributed over £350k in the past 10 years to support the National Trust 'for everyone, for ever' and we hope to continue this with our Coastal Cottage Paving Range. Read more about How our paving ranges support the National Trust